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Your giggle

YOUR giggle makes me stiff
makes me throb
makes me twitch

YOUR smile makes me shiver
makes me dribble
makes me quiver

YOUR laughter makes me hum
makes me drool
makes me come


I want to hurt for you and burn for you
Break my heart and my bones in two
Feast on me but don’t care for me
Make me prove my love is true

I want to fry for you and die for you
And please you with my pain
Destroy my mind and stab my heart
Then leave me naked in the rain

I want

this is what i want to do:

i want to run you a bath and surround it with candles and and pour sweet smelling oils into it.
i want to wash your hair and back and whisper sweet stories in the dark to you.
i want to show you the stars and constellations and tell you their names.
i want to name one after you.
i want to name them all after you.
i want to paint you, and sculpt you, and i want to scribble filthy words all over your naked body with a thick, red, magic marker.
i want to tickle you and hear you giggle – sometimes i think simply the sound of your laughter would be enough to make me come.
i want to cook for you and i want to sing and dance for you, and with you.
i want to grow things for you.
i want to fight for you.
i want to hurt for you and would happily die for you.
i want to climb mountains, swim entire oceans, and i want to slay dragons for you.
i want to make you stuff, and i want to weep at your beauty.
i want to make you happy, and safe, and warm.

and… i want to do all these things every single day.