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Phil Miller and In Cahoots web page

The Phil Miller, In Cahoots web page – is now up and running. Phil is due to release an album, Mind Over Matter, very shortly and add some sound clips to the site. I also designed the cover for Mind Over Matter – see next post. If anyone would like a similar site built for them, why not drop me a line here.


I am delighted to say that I have been given the enviable task of building a (WordPress) website for the fantastic progressive jazz band In Cahoots, lead by the inimitable guitarist and composer Phil Miller.

Its gonna take a week or two to put together as there is a plethora of fascinating material relating to the band who have their roots in the old Canterbury scene of the sixties and seventies and who’s line up has included some of the greatest jazz and progressive rock musicians going – including Lol Coxhill, Pip Pyle Fred Baker and Elton Dean.