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You give my soul a hard-on

you give my soul a hard-on,
you make my heart erect,
my being throb and pulsate,
my very core erupt.

you make my psyche tingle,
you make my mind inflate,
my life force squirt and dribble,
my spirit ejaculate.


tie me up
and use me,
abuse me, please.
find my edge
and then find yours.
take us both beyond
what we know,
beyond what
we ever should.
make we wait,
make me beg,
make me cry
but most
make yourself wet
with my pain.
ask me
what things
disgust me the most
and make
me do them
for you.
do all these things,
do more,
if you will.
do more than
you thought you could,
but do it
just one thing;
i will do it to you.


So I can’t
Stop looking
At your tits,
And yeah,
Thinking about
Your butt
And what I would do
Drives me wild
With desire.
But really,
Its by your mind
I want to be fucked.
The beautiful mix
Of sadism
And sweetness
And humor,
The power,
The fun.
I want
To be slave
To your
And die
In my own cum.

An old favourite


Word whore

i want to write
something dirty to you
make you come with my words
i really do

line by line
and letter by letter
every pulsating word
making you wetter

each dripping syllable
thrilling you more
touch yourself with my words
be my filthy word whore

I want to fuck you into a coma

i want to write poetry for you
i want to come in my own mouth and for you to watch
i want to cook for you
i want  massage your feet
i want to hold your hand
and make you tea
i want to feel my cock between your breasts and
i want to make you laugh and bring you breakfast in bed
i want to hear you giggle
i want to kiss the back of your neck, every time i see it
i want to tell you every time i get a hard on
i want to take a big magic marker and write filthy words all over your body and then
i want to take ‘tasteful’ black and white photographs of you and masturbate over them
i want you to strap on a vibrating dildo and fuck me in the ass with it
i want to ram my cock down your throat until you gag
i want to make the slowest love ever to you that anyone has ever made
and  yes
most of all
i want to make you come
come so fucking hard that you can’t help but bite me
come so hard you forget your own name
i want to  fuck you into a coma

Words are your lover

words are your lover
words are hot
words turn you on –
throb and fill you up

words satisfy
words excite
words get you wet –
make you come at night

words hold you close
words adore
words have you beg –
make you their whore


Naughty girl

Another wonderful exciting and dirty post from my favourite mystery blogger:

Immaculate Conception Academy is a strict Catholic girls school with top notch sports teams.
A star defender stands in her field hockey coach’s office, her hands behind her back with her head down, trying not to stare at the bulge in his pants. “You’ve not been doing well at practice, have you young lady?” he asks. She looks upwards through her lashes at him and admits, “No, Sir, I haven’t. Sorry, Sir.”

“Is it your schoolwork? What has been getting you so distracted that you can’t even run 5 miles?” he asks in a voice that is meant to sound stern but is actually filled with a powerful softness.
“Well, I can’t really say, Sir.” she says, blushing slightly.

“Perhaps you need to feel more comfortable,” he suggests in an English accent that sends her weak at the knees, “come and sit down,” he tells her, patting his lap. She sits down gently, staring into his eyes as she does, half excited and half afraid that he will feel the radiating heat between her thighs. As she sits, she feels his hardness twitching beneath her as he places his hand on her thigh, just below the hem of her blue, pleated skirt. “You don’t want to be punished, do you?” he asks.

“Well, no, I’m,I’m just-”

“Stand up” he says to her. She stands, his eyes are glued to her upper thigh. He lifts the back of her skirt slowly, revealing a sweet, soft cheek peeking out from a pair of red lace panties. He kisses the beauty mark the rests at her tantalizing tan line. He follows it with kisses, all the way to her inner thigh and breathes her in. Her body fills with goosebumps. He hears a slight moan from her that thickens his hard-on.

He stands and holds her close to him. She can feel his cock pressing into her from behind, feel it pulse with sexual energy, as he slips his arms tight about her waist and pulls her closer, pressing himself into her. “Tell me” he says, “Tell me everything.”

“Well, sir,” she starts, a little quiver in her voice, “Its you, I can’t, its just, well, I can’t get you out of my mind. I keep having fantasies about you.” He spins her around and their eyes meet. The look they share glows like hot coals.
“What sort of fantasies do you have about me?” he asks, barely able to hide his smile and totally unable to hide his erection. She looks down at his stretched crotch, drops to her knees and undoes his zipper.

Her young, honest eyes look up at him. Biting her lip, she reaches under her skirt, inserts her fingers into herself, removes them and covers his cock with her nectar, she takes it into her mouth and begins sucking him. He leans back against his white board and groans, surprised that she knows what she is doing. He runs his fingers through her dark hair and imagines what she tastes like and wonders what her young pussy must feel like.

The desire to know her and taste her overwhelms him and, just before he is about to shoot his thick white cum into her mouth, he drops to his knees, pulls her to standing position, lifts up her skirt and pulls her dripping panties down hurriedly. Knowing what he wants, she widens her stride a little and bends over, grabbing herself by the ankles. He kneels down and first with his fingers and then his tongue and then his whole mouth he starts to caress and massage and thrust himself at her drenched, tingling wetness. Her legs quiver with pleasure and her whole body pulses with the sensation of his tongue reaching into her velvet depths. She feels how stiff he is even though she cannot see it, she feels it in the sheer lust of his longing for her, the way he licks thirstily at her, the way he knows just what she is feeling and she gasps and moans and almost squeals, never having known pleasure like this from a man. All she can think about is his cock and how much she wants it in her, filling her and coming into her in thick, long squirts, mixing with her juices and dripping from her. She wants to scream, “Fuck me! Fuck me now! Fuck me hard!” but can she?

He stops and lays her down on her back. He spreads her open, her clit exposed. He blows lightly and she jumps–every shiver up her spine is earthshaking. He kisses her clit and licks it. He laps at her sweet wetness. Finally she can’t take anymore, she needs him now. “Fuck me, fuck me please!” she cries. He kisses her belly, leaving a trail of her wetness up to and in between her breasts. He kisses her lips, deeply. Holding her hands down above her head, fingers intertwined, he begins to run his cock in and out of her. Her entire body tingles. She arches her hips. She wants to come on his cock. Now.

He holds her down and rears above her, his cock sinking into and out of her, the only point of contact between them, the only thing they can feel is the hot throbbing contact of his burning cock and her tight glistening pussy, concentrating their pleasure into that one spot. Then, as they come they grab each other and breathe together rhythmically. He fills her and collapses into her as she shudders and shakes. They kiss as their hearts pump together.

“I’m not sure if that’s quite what I meant by ‘punishment’ he says, playfully, and she giggles like a diirrty little schoolgirl.

Room 69

Contributed by an extremely talented, anonymous blogger with a wonderful imagination:

As the hotel maid dusts and tidies the room, she can feel his eyes on her, following her around, watching her flit with her bright feather duster. She bends over to pick up an imaginary piece of fluff from the floor, feeling his gaze slide up her legs as her uniform rides up her thighs, allowing him to see the tops of her stockings. She stretches up on her tip-toes to brush away an imaginary cobweb, bending one leg at the knee coquettishly, letting him appreciate her long shapely legs. She looks at him and sees something move under the sheets. He smiles at her when he realizes she has seen this. She should complain really, she thinks, say something. She doesn’t have to put up with this.

Instead, she walks into the bathroom and pretends to clean. She smiles at herself in the mirror and adjusts her cleavage, enjoying the control she has over the situation. A minute passes and suddenly he is standing naked in the bathroom doorway. “Oh, excuse me,” she says politely, “I’m almost finished, is there anything else I can do for you?” He steps closer to her, takes her hand and pulls her gently but firmly toward him. She doesn’t resist, he is devilishly handsome and impressively endowed. She can feel the heat of his manhood pressed against her. He holds her tightly as he lifts up her skirt and slips his strong hand inside her lace panties. She is wet and quivers at his touch. She pushes him away from her so she can get a look at him and then grasps him gently, pulling slowly up and down, loving the sounds it draws from him. Holding him like that she steers him to the bed.

“Sit down,” she says as she kneels down onto the floor. She looks up into his eyes and begins to lick him. He leans back and watches her tongue lick from the base to the tip. One of her hands moves to the base and the other between her legs. Without touching herself she can feel the radiation between her thighs. She begins to softly stroke her clit as she takes his cock and slaps it lightly against her tongue. She loves watching his face and his chest as the fire rises within him. She lowers her mouth down onto him, taking his whole cock into her throat. She leaves it there for a moment, slides her tongue around it and takes him in and out of her mouth again. He thrusts his hips slightly, but she doesn’t want him to get too excited yet.

She holds his hips and rises up, pinning him still, so that he cannot move. She teases him by slowing down each time she feels him get too aroused, but the sounds he makes and the feel of his rock hard cock in her mouth turn her on so much. She wants to feel him inside her. She saunters into the bathroom and places her hands and right knee on the counter and thrusts her ass out, beckoning him to enter her from behind.

He comes up behind her and grabs her, pulling her panties aside and pushing just the very tip of his rock hard member into her dripping wet pussy. He can feel her delicious juices trickling down the sides of his thick, twitching cock. She squeezes it with her pussy as if to ask him to enter her deeply, to fill her completely.

He pulls out the tip and kisses her shoulder and the curve of her neck where beads of sweat are beginning to form. He bends down to look at her juicy pussy. He circles one finger around her wetness and she moans. Hungrily, he darts his tongue into her and circles around her inner depths. She pushes back against him as he fucks her with his tongue. She cries out and just as she is about to come, he stops. “Fuck me now,” she demands. He inserts the tip and holds her hips steady. She squeezes his cock again and just as they make eye contact, he drives himself completely and intensely inside of her, but leaves it there. He holds her steady. His cock feels like a hot iron inside of her. She tries to move, she needs to be fucked by his thick cock. She needs to come.

But he is not going to let her. Not yet. She is going to have to beg for it. She tries to move again, desperate to feel him sliding in and out of her, but he holds her fast and strong. Their eyes meet in the mirror and she can see he has a wicked grin playing across his lips. “Bastard.” She smiles back, “Fuck me hard!” He gives her just one single pump, pulling almost right out of her and plunging back in to his full length before holding her still again. She struggles and her pussy throbs with desire and lust. He squeezes with his cock, pushing against her deep red depths and she squeals slightly. “Please,” she half laughs, half cries. He pulls out and pushes in again, slowly but fully. Once, twice, a little harder, a little faster. She moans uncontrollably and he stops holding her still so she can work her hips against him.

He speeds up and her heart races as he moves in and out of her, fucking her thoroughly. “Turn around and sit on the edge,” he says. She obeys. He removes her soaking wet panties from her and she wraps her legs around his strong waist. He grabs ahold of her thighs and uses them as leverage as he takes her with fury. She throws her head back and screams, “Yes, you feel so good inside me, fuck me harder!” He picks her up and pushes her back against the wall. “Fuck!” she screams, as she feels her body tingle and burn on the brink of orgasm. As their bodies sweat together, suddenly he comes into her, hard. He convulses and feels the muscles within her contract. She feels him fill her. Her eyes roll back into her head as she shakes violently and collapses into him. They stay there for a moment like that, kissing, breathing heavily, their hot combined juices seeping from her pussy, dripping down his legs.
He puts her down. “I love you,” he says to her.
“I told you that you would like it if I dressed up for you,” she says, smiling. “Next time I want to be your dirty school girl.” He spanks her butt and they run, laughing, into the other room.

One condition

“Ok,” you say, out of the blue, “I’ll undress for you.”
“Really?!”  I grin, with embarrassing enthusiasm.
“On one condition though.”
“Sure. Anything. What?”
“That you get naked first and that you wear something for me.” I feel like pointing out that that is two conditions and that I can’t be naked if I’m wearing something but I don’t, I just nod and grin like a retarded puppy.

I take off my clothes, as slowly as I can, because I want her to do the same, and I’m already well on the way to being fully erect by the time I slip off my boxers. You smile at it and it bounces merrily in response. The you reach into a drawer and pull out a crimson silk scarf and hand it too me. I look puzzled, “How do I-” I start to ask.
“As a blindfold.” you giggle. I love you too much to be angry, but I know I’ve been duped and look more crestfallen than I actually am and call you a name. You giggle more and undo a button on your top and gesture, with a nod, for me to blindfold myself.

You check that the scarf is secure, give me a little kiss and whisper in my ear. “On your knees, my love.” I kneel down, trembling slightly from excitement, as I listen to your clothes fall softly, one by one, to the floor. I hear the unfastening of your black-trimmed, blue bra and the brush of satin against the flesh as you slip out of your panties. This makes me so incredibly hard that I become light-headed and nearly lose my balance.

I feel you approach me and stand, just inches from me. I can feel the heat of your beauty on my face and can almost taste you, as you put a hand on my head to stop me leaning forward and tell me to blow, and as I do, I can feel your whole body shudder with little ripples of delight. “Again,” you moan, “harder, longer.” I blow, drawing tiny gasps of pleasure from you with each breath. You slip a finger inside yourself and use it to moisten your throbbing rosebud and tell me to blow again. Your moans deepen and your gasps become cries and your whole body is shaking with a heated carnal rumbling when you stop and tell me to stand up.

You stand so close to me that our bodies touch, I can feel the caress of your rock hard nipples against my chest and my erection brushing against you soft, quivering flesh. You kiss me and I taste you as you push your self up against me, and feel me pulsate between our bellies. Then you step back again, and I wait, trembling and throbbing for what seems like an age before I feel your lips kiss my tip. You place your hands on my hips and hold me still as you kiss it again, this time opening you mouth a little more, tickling me with your tongue, taking me deeper into your mouth with each gentle rock on your head. I can hear the gentle lapping of you touching yourself, my imagination almost as overwhelmed as my body.

When you feel me close to erupting, you stop and slowly run the tip of your tongue up my length enjoying how I throb with desire for release and climax.  Then you stop, push be back so I fall onto the bed and straddle me. I feel your hand take me and guide me so I am almost inside you and then you pull down my blindfold stare into my eyes and say “Right, now fuck me!”


How to write clit lit

Erotic writing for women is all the rage these days, and having turned my hand to the odd dirty ditty or two in my time, I thought I’d share a few thoughts on the subject. Bearing in mind that you are writing to suit female fantasies rather than male fantasies, here are my top ten tips on how to get those pussies purring.

  1. NEVER USE EUPHEMISMS: Women hate anything subtle or clever, so never use phrases like ‘inner depths’ or ‘glowing wetness’. Call a cunt a cunt, and by the way, women love that word, so try to use the word ‘cunt’ as often as you can.
  2. NEVER INVOLVE ROMANCE: You are writing about sex not a bloody love story, so keep it that way. Women have no interest in feelings or emotions and romance turns them right off, so never have any hand holding or have your characters gaze into each other’s eyes. Never, ever have them be in love, the words ‘I love you’ will make her cunt as dry as the Australian outback.
  3. AVOID DIALOGUE: Women do not get off on words, so do not have your characters engage in conversation, unless its the occasional “Yeah, you like that bitch, don’t ya?” or a “Fucking take that, bitch!”
  4. USE PICTURES: As already mentioned, women are not aroused by words or ideas and are primarily visual, so add lots of pictures. Massive, cum drenched cocks and gigantic artificial boobs are guaranteed to get them hot, especially if the boobs are dripping with a ridiculous amount of thick white semen.
  5. AVOID POWERFUL WOMEN: Women do not like stories where the girl is in charge or has any power or deserves any respect. Wherever possible make sure your female characters are fucked by their bosses or some authoritative figure.
  6. TALK ABOUT COCK A LOT: Women have little interest in their own bodies or pleasure, so describe your male characters’ pricks in great detail and always make them infeasibly large and concentrate on his orgasm, not hers.
  7. AVOID CUNNILINGUS: No woman wants to read about how a man would go down on her, that stuff disgusts them.
  8. INCLUDE LOTS OF BLOW JOBS: Blow jobs are a guaranteed pantie wetter, so write about these in great detail. Most women would much rather choke on an unwashed cock than be fucked or eaten out.
  9. AVOID THREESOMES: Unless it is a FFM threesome avoid such scenarios. No woman has ever wanted more than one man at a time.
  10. INCLUDE LOTS OF GIRL ON GIRL ACTION: If you want to show your softer side, then you are probably gay, but if not, write about hot girl on girl action. Include as many women as you can, preferably covered in oil or mud and having them fight each other is another way to get your female readers wet. Note: cunnilingus is acceptable is such scenarios.

So there you have it. Ten certain ways to get the girls dribbling in their knickers. Have fun, and I look forward to reading the end results.

Nothing gets me hotter

i’m trying to diversify
and not just write clit lit
but the numbers of visits that i get
goes up when i write that shit

i thought i might try poetry
i could even do horror, i bet
but all i really wanna do
is make your pussy wet.

flash fiction might be all the rage
and poetry is fun
but nothing gets me hotter
than writing words that make you come

And this is only the beginning

I am tied and gagged in the corner, on my knees, chained to the wall, my cock already stiffening in anticipation of what is to come. You are on all fours on the the bed, wearing only white suspenders and stockings.

Six strapping young men enter, naked and fully erect. They each have magnificent cocks, which quiver and throb in the warm air, their twitching tips already starting to glisten with pre-cum.

I stiffen further as a large cock hovers before your face and I watch you lick gently at the tip, offering your mouth to it slowly, your hand gripped around its base, feeling it throb with desire for you. You look over at me and blow me a little kiss, and then take him deep into your mouth as you feel another cock slip between your thighs and rammed into your welcoming hot, pussy. He fucks you hard, rocking your body forward, pushing the other cock deep into your mouth. They both moan delightfully and gasp and you take the cock out of your mouth for a moment and lick greedily up and down its impressive length, moaning in sheer pleasure as you do. You look at me, wanting me to see the deep pleasure these men are giving you You mouth the words ‘I love you’. You cannot see my tears but you can see my erection. The white guy reaches round and starts rubbing hard at your bulging wet clit, running his thick, strong fingers up and down the length of your glistening pussy. You feel your self start to come and you moan deeply, through the cock as you feel the two men begin to erupt inside you. Hot cum splatters the back of your throat in thick, salty spurts, as more shoots deep into your greedy pussy. The men throw back their heads, your body awash with their hands, and cry your name. Your whole body is shaking with delight as they pull out, long slow gasps of lust pour from your lungs. You look at me and wink, cum trickling down your chin and neck. “And this is only the beginning.” you smile.

One by one they take you, changing ends so you can taste your magnificent juices on their pulsating, hot cocks. Everywhere you look there and bouncing members, dripping with your juices and theirs. You look at me frequently, often when you are coming, letting me know what heaven you are in. By the time they have all taken their turn at both ends, you are a wreck, shaking uncontrollably, giggling almost manically with the visceral delight of being so thoroughly, mercilessly and relentlessly fucked.

As they leave you collapse on the bed, trembling violently, shattered and drenched in man juice, six men’s spunk trickling down your delightful curves. You want to just pass out but there is one more thing you must do. You stagger off the bed and walk over to me, and remove the gag. You kiss me softly, the taste of other men trickling down my chin. Then hold your still wet, throbbing pussy to my face and gently bring your self to yet another orgasm. You close your eyes and growl with delight at sound of me swallowing their cum.

On all fours again, you take my cock wetly into your mouth and start me on my way to orgasm. I have not come in a week and its not likely to take long. Just before I come though, just as the first gush of semen starts to explode up my length, you stop and reach over to the bedside table and take a dice. You watch the frustration in my eyes for an minute and then you explain, “One, two or three: and I suck you off right now. Four or five: and you wait another day. Six: and you wait another week. Agreed?” I nod, and you roll the dice.

Little fishy 1/2

We have worked together for a few months and we have both felt the attraction, seen how we look at each other, felt our gazes stroke each other’s souls, understood the growing connection. I want to taste your lips so badly, feel your gentle curves, press myself against you, into you. I feel like there is a rubber band being stretched ever tighter in my heart, like something is going to snap.

They send us together to this poky little seaside town on yet another pointless project. Our rooms in the bed and breakfast are adjacent and the walls are thin. I can hear you brushing your teeth, the tinkle of your peeing, your light snore, you sound like a kitten purring. I hope you can’t hear me masturbating, hope that I do not talk about you in my sleep.

There is nothing to do here of an evening and when the little pub shuts, we walk along the seafront talking, laughing, sharing our pasts, sometimes until it gets light. Tonight has been a night like that, and we sit on the beach, aimlessly flicking pebbles into the morning sea. I do that man thing and try to show off by showing you how I can skim little flat stones across  the surface, making them bounce and dance. You shake your head and smile, looking at me like I was some kind of idiot. The early sun tickles the tips of the waves, turning them into gold and gulls circle and cry overhead waiting for the returning fishing boats.

“Fancy a swim?” I grin. You look at me almost startled but smiling.
“We don’t have bathing suits.”
“So what? There’s no-one here but us.”
“You first, then.” you say, your smile growing a little wider. I strip, my back to you and hobble across the pebbles comically, hearing your laugh against the lapping of the waves. The water is not cold but chilly and I wade in up to my waist and turn round to face you.
“Come on in, its lovely.” I beam, only lying slightly.
“Turn round then.” you beam back . I turn and wait for you to undress, hear you feet on the pebbles, hear you enter the water, hear the splash of your naked body diving into the waves, and I watch excitedly as you emerge a few feet ahead of me, shaking the water from your hair and grinning wildly, the water level just above your nipples but with the gentle rise and fall of the waves tantalisingly exposing more of you. You enjoy the way my eyes probe you and and the water is clear enough for you to see my rising erection. “Ha ha!” you giggle, pointing, “I can see a little fishy.” I make a grab for you but you are fast and slip under the waves and dart away from me. We chase each other and play and try to duck each other’s heads under the water.

We come to rest by a breakwater and I push you gently back onto it and press myself against you. I can feel your softness, your panting breasts, I can feel your heart beat, feel how it races. You can feel what you are doing to me. “Not such a little fishy now?” I snigger and you shake your head again, but you smile and I kiss you, knowing with every fibre of my being that it is what you want.

I want to touch you all the time

I want to touch you
all the time
and hold you and squeeze you.
I could spend all day,
every day,
all night too,
just stroking you
and looking at you.
I love to watch you come,
the way you quiver
and tremble.
I want to rub exotic oils
all over you
and spend hours
teasing you to climax.
I love you more than anything
or anyone I’ve ever known.
I so wish I could kiss you,
but you are not big enough
and my head wont
bend down that far.
Maybe if I took up yoga?

Ice cream, you scream

i nip down stairs in my bathrobe and buy two ice cream cones from the truck outside and come back up to the bedroom. i pretend not to let you have yours and we play wrestle for it. the ice cream, falls from the cone and lands in a big cold dollop between your breasts. you shriek and i laugh. i pin you to the bed and lick at the ice cream, feeling you wriggle under me “stop it you bastard!” you half laugh half scream. its all over my face and we kiss. i bury my head between your thighs and run my icy tongue up and down your heat, loving your giggles and pleas for me to stop. i look up and get the other cone shoved delightfully in my face. you laugh and laugh and we roll around covering ourselves in strawberry and vanilla and chillines. we laugh so much that we can barely kiss and when i slip my self into you we are still giggling and smirking, staring into each others eyes.

The shower

She watches him through a thin crack in the curtains, watches him undress, testing the water with his hand, before stepping under the steaming shower. Her hand slips down into the black satin of her panties feeling her own warmth and wetness, her eyes glued to the sight of his strong hands lathering up his magnificent body, her clit tingling as he caresses himself, water and bubbles running down his naked body, outlining each delicious curve. She plays with herself gently, not wanting to come too soon, not wanting to miss a second with him, brushing her hard, hot clit softly and slowly, feeling little rushes of pleasure spread outwards through her.

Sometimes they would bump into each other in the store on the corner and chat. She derived guilty delight knowing she had seen him naked. Naked and more, because the other night he had masturbated in the shower. He had taken his time too. stroked his chest and belly with the other hand, eyes closed, pleasure etched on his face. She had watched transfixed as he brought himself to climax, biting her lip at the sight of his cum running down his length and through his fingers, drowning in his open mouth, feeling his excitement, watching through misted eyes as his body shuddered and rocked. They came together.

She starts to come as he steps out of the shower and begins to dry himself, her orgasm like a million tiny electric storms ravishing her whole body, hot heavy gasps erupt from her chest, her pussy exploding with sensation. For a second she thinks he is looking at her, but reasons that he can’t possibly see her through the tiny gap in the curtain. She doesn’t realise that her feet are poking out from under it.

After he is gone and she has had a quick shower herself, she switches on her notebook and Googles video cameras, thinking she could record him and watch him any time she wants. There is a knock at the door, she slips on her red silk dressing gown and answers it. Its him, wearing nothing but a towel and a smile.

The plumber (part two)

Suddenly she remembered the silver ball. The one she got for Christmas one year, for the tree, but liked so much she hung it up in here. She liked the way, when she had candles round the bath, that it reflected their lights, like little stars, on the ceiling. She liked how you could see the whole bathroom at once by looking into its reflection. He was looking at it now, into its reflection. Looking at her.

He turned round, and smiled sweetly at her, still lathering his chest and stomach. ‘Oh my God!’ she thought, ‘He saw me!’ and ‘Oh my God! He really does have a hard on!’ She flushed with embarrassment at the thought of this complete stranger watching her touching herself. Her mouth had been wide open too.

The plumber reached over and took a big bottle of hair conditioner from the shelf and, with his other hand, he held the base of his prick, using just his thumb and forefinger so she could see its full length. Her mouth dropped open again. Holding his cock upright, the plumber squeezed the conditioner over the tip. It was thick and white and ridiculously suggestive. A part of her was saying ‘That’s bloody expensive hair conditioner you’re wasting there matey!’ but she very quickly shut it up. The luscious liquid trickled slowly down the length of him, ‘Is he squeezing it, to make those veins stand out like that?’ she wondered. He started to play with himself, not really masturbating but more just stroking, playing, running the tips of his fingers through the creamy liquid as it dribbled down him. ‘No, he hadn’t been squeezing it.’ she realised.

The plumber stepped, dripping, from the shower and took the three paces it took to reach her. If she could have seen herself at that moment, she might not have felt very proud – her eyes gaped and her mouth hung open like a broken door, and she was staring, very obviously, at his erect cock, watching it twitch and quiver, watching little droplets fly off it as it did so. She was actually dribbling.

He hooked his forefinger into a gap between two buttons on her blouse and walked backwards into the shower, pulling her. She followed without any resistance or question, or thinking, her eyes now drawn to his – locked on them. “But bu- my clothes. I’ve still got my- but?” she found herself saying, as he pulled her to him, held her against his chest with one arm and his hotness with the other and kissed her. His kiss was like electricity and she could feel his erection through her clothes pressing against her pussy, and she thought for a second she might come right there and then. He tore off her clothes, one by one, and flung them aside, until she stood there naked, shivering with the heat. Her clothes lay in sodden, disregarded heaps in the corners of the shower.’That blouse cost four-hundred-and-fifty dollars pal!’ she almost found herself thinking.

The plumber’s eyes played over her body for a moment before he spun her round and held her, spread eagled, up against the wall. He grabbed hold of her hips and slipped his cock between her legs. He rubbed the tip of his wood against her clit for a second before entering her hot, wet pussy, pushing his way softly but deeply into her, drawing from her a long whispered moan. He fucked her slowly but fully, giving her the benefit of every millimetre. It woke something inside her, something primal. She could feel the veins on his cock, ripple the hot red flesh deep inside her, veins like thick vines climbing a great tree trunk. God, it felt good, she thought. Fuck, did it feel good? She wanted more!

A dam burst inside her and she felt a thousand frustrated, angry screams rise up from her gut. From behind the dam sprung an animal, a wild and beautiful animal, a beast, one she had thought long extinct. It stormed across the ruins of that dam and landed snorting in her bathroom.

A torrent of foul words sprung from her, words she didn’t even know she knew. Raw animal desire and lust tore through her soul and her inhibitions fell from her like a snake’s skin. She started moaning loudly each time his prick reached its depth, cursing under her breath. Her soul screamed for more.

“FUCK!” she screamed, “Fuck me harder! You motherfucker! Fucking HARDER!” He speeded up and she screamed furiously through gritted teeth in response. “Harder you motherfucker! Harder! She stamped her foot petulantly on the floor, lips curled in a snarl. “Come on you COCKSUCKER! What ARE you? Some kind of FUCKING HOMOSEXUAL?” she screamed. He kissed her neck – she tried to bite him. “Fucking COCKSUCKER!”

She spat angrily on the wall in front of her. “CUNT!” she yelled at him, spitting again “Fuck me harder I said. Fuck me harder you CUNT!” She stamped her foot again, deliberately bringing it down hard on his. She felt his wince and looked round at him, “Well? FUCK ME HARDER THEN!”

He was taller than her and had had to bend slightly to get into her in the first place; now, he straightened up with each powerful thrust, forced her on to her tiptoes, forced loud, bestial groans, from deep within her, with every plunge of his powerful cock. She turned her head to look at him, her eyes burnt like furnaces. He went to kiss her and she spat thickly, into his face, baring her teeth , trying, in vain, to kick him in the shins with her heels.

Turning back to herself, she reached down and rubbed at her clit fiercely, feeling his cock, as it slipped wetly in and out of her, with her fingers. Fire burned in her belly and monsters danced around it. She snorted like a bull and kicked back wildly again, this time her heel bone connected sharply with his shin bone. The pain stung his eyes and he pulled out of her, but she grabbed it and pulled it up in front of her and held it tightly against her steaming pussy. She rubbed herself up and down on it, faster and harder, working herself into a sexual frenzy.

He was holding her, tightly. She listened to his moaning and became aware of how the noises we make when in extreme pleasure are indistinguishable from those we make when in pain. She knew he was about to come before she felt the warm splashes on her tummy and tits, she could tell by the pulsations of his erection. She took it in her hand and watched as he squirted and dribbled his pleasure around her and over her. She squeezed his cock hard, and felt the waves of his ejaculations pulse in her hand, his hot breath on her back. He groaned behind her, like a big old lion coughing up a fur ball, and his body shuddered in great gulps.

She started coming seconds after him. Her orgasm was like fire, it burnt her, consumed her, a thousand rioting looters, rose up from her groin and torched and petrol bombed her body. He held her, firmly but kindly and she bit him, but only gently, called him a cunt, but in a whimper.

Slowly, as the violent waves of pleasure began to subside she looked down, he was spent. She let go of his cock and they both collapsed into a panting, sticky heap on the floor. They held each other until the gasping and trembling were all but gone. “Fuck!” she whispered repeatedly as they lay there delirious, unable to move or speak.

Until the hot water ran out and they were suddenly hit by an icy shower, making them both shriek and leap up.

Later, when he was back in his washed and dried clothes and they shared tea together, she apologised yet again. He assured her that it was fine, that he liked a bit of rough – he nearly said, that he’d met women like her before and knew exactly what he was getting himself into, but didn’t. She was sorry, again, about the awful language too, and the spitting. It really wasn’t like her. She didn’t even remember spitting in his face and was very sorry about that, again. She really didn’t know what had come over her. “I did.” he joked but it passed her by.

As he left he handed her a sheet of paper and winked, his number perhaps, she hoped.
His bill! Three-hundred-and-fifty dollars?! “the CUNT!”

A student abroad

This one’s a dedication – you know who you are…

She loves it in England, so unlike her native Baltimore, she loves her university, loves the fact that the Brits call this quaint little town a ‘city’. She adores the courses she is studying and excels at them all, with the exception of Life Drawing, which she had not really wanted to do and it only bothers her as she has a painful crush on the tutor.

He asks if she needs any help, perhaps some extra sessions, on a one-to-one basis. Her heart skips a beat and she nods with a little more enthusiasm that she had perhaps wanted to. He books a model and they meet in the studio after classes the next day.

When the model does not turn up, they look at each other awkwardly. She knows what she wants to suggest but does not know how. Delight runs through her like a bubbling stream through a spring glade when he says “Well, I suppose I could pose for you. If that wouldn’t make you feel uncomfortable?”
“No, that’d be fine.” she tries to say, the words escaping from her lips in a squeak. She sets up her easel as he undresses behind the screen and then reclines on the couch. Despite his years he has a great body, lean and well defined and he has a wonderful cock, and she tries not to stare at it too hard, her hand trembling as she tries to sketch.

After a few minutes, she thinks she can see it growing, getting longer and thicker, and when she looks again, it is. “Oh my God!” she thinks, “He’s getting an erection!” Her heart starts to pound on her ribs like an angry tiger trying to escape from a cage, a light sweat caresses her whole body and a fire begins to burn between her legs.

Within moments he is fully erect and, despite herself, she stares at it and then him. He blushes which she finds beautiful, drinking in his shame and thrilling to his naked vulnerability. He apologises and blushes deeper and she mutters something about it being fine, trying to hide the quiver in her voice. “Do you want me to leave you alone for a moment? So you can, er-” she says but before he can answer and before she can think about what she is doing, she walks over to him and takes him in her hand, feeling him pulse between her fingers. Kneeling down, she kisses the tip softly and then again, opening her mouth a little letting him feel the wetness of her lips, teasing him with the tip of her tongue enjoying the throbbing heat of it, taking a little more of him into her mouth with each stroke.

She lifts her skirt and pulls down her panties and kneels astride him. He smiles broadly and closes his eyes in bliss as she lowers herself onto him. He beckons for her to take off her t-shirt and she does, rising and falling onto him making sure she feels every inch of him, her hands running tenderly over his chest and belly. He takes her breasts in his hands, he has artist’s hands and they smell lightly of clay and paint. She rides him harder and faster, filling herself with him with every thrust of her frame and then she stops, smiles at his puzzled expression before, in two graceful leg swings, turns herself round so her back is to him. Leaning back so as to feel him hard against her g-spot she leans back, letting him drive into her.

He is hard, like wet steel and she throws back her head, her hair falling silkily across his face. “Fuck!” she cries, “Fuck! Yes!” He reaches round her, squeezes her nipples. “Harder!” she gasps, her breath heavy and fast, pleasure coursing through her veins like a frenzied pack of wild dogs charging through a forest. “Fuck! Yes!” She rubs at herself greedily feeling his hot, wet prick thrusting into her with the tips of her fingers letting him feel her nails, not enough to hurt but far more than just a tickle; he moans deliriously like a big old bear. She feels him start to cum and hears it in his breath and pleasure and she lifts herself off him and holds his thick, trembling member against herself and rubs her self up and down its whole length, feeling her own orgasm rising up in her like a mountain spring rushing, bubbling to the surface.

She watches, delighted, as he shoots thickly and stickily over her belly and breasts with more power and volume than most men half his age, and she  delights as he kisses and bites at her back.

Her own orgasm is relentless and consumes her whole body, her eyes stinging with sheer physical pleasure, her mind drunk with the intensity of it, her soul shaken to its core, almost more than she can take, and afterwards she collapses back onto him heaplike , and he kisses her neck and shoulders gently and whispers sweet things in her ear but her mind is beyond words and his voice falls onto her like meaningless drops of rain on a hot night. “Fuck!” she whispers.

It has cost Laura a sizeable chunk of her student loan to bribe the model into not showing up. It was worth every penny, she thinks, unable to wipe the grin from her face.

Be careful what you ask for guys

the look on his face is a picture, as he realises. this wasn’t what he had in mind when he’d suggested a threesome!

“this is tom,” she says, “from work”

he had just assumed, when she said that she would ask a friend, that it would be a girl friend, and, to be fair to him, he is up for it and she closes her eyes and hums with pleasure at the feel of four hands caressing over and round and down her naked body

they are both a little timid at first but her moans of delight soon heats them up and she plays with their erections, rubs them against each other, kisses them

“kiss” she tells them and they do, gingerly at first but with a growing passion as she rubs their shafts up and down and against each other pressing their members together feeling them throb hotly, she imagines their cum mingling and dripping down over their lengths and through her fingers

“touch each other,” she whispers and they do, shivers run down her as she watches them play with each other and she kisses them both in turn and then both together

then, they enter her, front and back, and, all kneeling, she can feel their cocks meet inside her as they thrust inwards and upwards, she squeals with the delight, pulling them into her harder, whispering words of encouragement between deep breathy gasps.

they come together, the three of them, in long, loud, powerful waves, the men lifting her into the air with their arms and cocks and she squeezes with the walls of her pussy and her ass, feeling them pulse and squirt into her, almost fainting at her zenith

after, they lay in a heap and she kisses them both over and over

they shower, the three of them together, “i must have the cleanest tits on the planet” she thinks to herself, smiling

The Lodger

The lodger peers through the crack in the door, watching her undress. He is afraid to open it any wider, for fear of getting caught, but he wants desperately to see more of her. ‘Is it worth it?”, he thinks, ‘To risk winding up homeless, possibly with a criminal record? Just to see a little bit more of her?’ He reckons it is, and nudges the door another millimetre open; the shiver of fear mixing with the hot blood of his hard-on, making him fizz.

She undresses slowly and methodically, folding each item and placing it carefully over a chair. She has a woman’s body, not a girl’s and he thinks she is all the more beautiful for it, she has shapes and curves, real curves, her body has character. Not like these young girls who all look like they’ve been pressed from exactly the same plastic mould. She is gorgeous.

He touches himself slowly at first but his hand travels his full length with every stroke. ‘Please turn round. Please turn round.’ he tries to will her with his mind. He loves her back but aches to see her magnificent breasts again.

As if hearing his prayers she turns slowly to face his side of the room, then reaches her hands high over her head and arches a her back in a slow expansive yawn, stretching out her arms and thrusting her breasts forwards.

He bites down hard on his bottom lip to stop himself groaning uncontrollably at the sight of her. If she gets into bed naked, it means she will play. She does. He slows down his rhythm but still stroking tip to base. The veins feel like hot steel wires in his grip.

Now, she throws the covers to the floor and lies outstretched on the giant pink bed. One hand gently and slowly caresses her belly, the other her inner thigh. She touches her breasts and her hips. She rolls around a little to enjoy the sensation of the fresh linen against her skin. Then she slips her right hand between her thighs, wets her middle finger and slips it playfully over her clit, moistening it. She spreads he legs wider so that she is sprawled out across the whole bed; one leg drapes over the edge. She slowly builds a rhythm, her hips slowing rising and falling in time with the beating drums deep within her.

He is in heaven as he watches her every move. He can see everything, right down to how her toes are curling. His hand pumps his burning member, matching her timing, matching her intensity. His eyes water with the beauty of her.

Her hips roll now with a motion like the roll and thrusts of a great steam engine. All her fingers wet, her whole pussy her plaything, she swims in herself. Her hips thrust forward with each sweep harder and harder, faster and faster. She plays passionately with herself, wildly even, her breath escaping the heat inside her in hot heavy gasps, deeper faster, wetter, harder.

He gulps back more tears of sheer pleasure. If he could paint, he would paint her. No man had ever made a work of art that would be as beautiful as what he beheld now. No Mona Lisa or Sistine Chapel could compare. He was close, very close, a hot, pulsating rock in his hand. God, if only he could paint.

Then her orgasm crashes into her, like a series of giant ocean waves crashing onto a rocky beach. Over and over they shake her whole frame, and with each one she rises higher and higher until only her heels and head are touching the bed, a magnificent arc of sweating, quivering, flesh.

She sinks back from the last of these tsunamis with a thump that shakes the bed. Her body continues to writhe in a series of aftershocks. she twitches and pulsates, overwhelmed with it. The room spins as the bolts of pleasure slowly die out. She is left trembling and dizzy, gasping for air. She looks up, as though she can hear something but then sinks into the bed, fucked.

His cock is squirting venomously over him when she looks up. Fuck! Has she seen him? Fear hits him like a bucket of ice water. He lets go of himself  but it is too late; he is in mid-orgasm, he cannot stop, and he continues to cum, spraying wildly. Pulses of pleasure collide with the panic filling his body and soul with conflicting hormones. He feels dizzy and blind his cock thrashing wildly on its own. He feels cold and then hot and he is still cumming, he cannot stop it. The mix of orgasm and terror shake his body. He thinks he will faint, or puke, and he is still cumming.

A large smile is planted across her face. He was there, watching. God she loved it when the lodger watched her masturbate, it made it so much more exciting. One day she should tell him to come and fuck her into a coma. Maybe tomorrow even?

Convinced he’s been seen and with no way of concealing the sticky mess all over her door and carpet, the lodger packs, leaves the outstanding rent on the table and sneaks out into the night.

Yes, she decides definitely tomorrow.

A pan – another attempt at poetry

Think of youself – as a pan of water,
And me as the fire – of the stove underneath.
Softly I lick you – slowly, you feel
Little ripples of heat – scampering through you.

The window wide open – and cold morning air
Wafts gently across you – in icy contrasts.
The heat growing stronger – rising up through you,
You roll like an ocean – in long slow convulsions.

Bubbles now swarming – through you and up you
Stinging and bursting – on your surface in gasps.
The bubbles now grow – in size and in number,
You pop and you fizzle – and writhe and spit steam

You rise up again – you have no control
And you spill and you burst – out of the pan
In long, thick cascades – screaming my name,
You fizz and you gurgle – and froth down the sides.

We lie there quite still – just trembling slightly,
I am extinguished – and you are quite empty.
Somebody calls – from a kitchen somewhere,
“Mum has forgotten – to turn the stove off again!”