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I think I must be some kind of pervert

I think I’m a pervert, because I just don’t seem to get turned on by the same things that other guys do. Do you know what my favourite “porn” is? scrolling through a sexy conversation I’ve had with a woman I’m keen on, or one that has talked dirty to me, reading the words she has written to me. Looking into a woman’s imagination gets me hotter than looking down her panties, although that does it for me too and any of you wanna share, please feel free to send those pics/vids in, just add a few lines or two of text though please.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not opposed in any way to porn or sexy images and often masturbate to pictures and video but, and this is where you will realise just what a sicko I am, I tend to look at faces. a good come face will do it to me every time. No matter how wide her legs are spread or how much boobage is on display, no matter how splattered she might be with cum (why do guys/I find that so sexy?) she might be,  if she has a cheeky grin or a sexy smile, then that is probably what I will be looking at when I come.

When I masturbate, I tell myself stories (rather than imagine situations), some of which you may have read here, and when I can’t put a decent plot together, when I can’t imagine a beginning, a middle and an end, or when my characters feel unformed or the set-up unbelievable, I struggle to come. Even though I think Beyonce Knowles and Germaine Greer are gorgeous, I would far rather fantasise about a woman I know. It gets worse though, and I hate to admit this, but I fantasise about foreplay when I play with myself, I fantasise about massaging her back or feet or washing her hair, about turning her on. See, I told you I was weird. I told you I was a pervert. Please help me find decent professional help.