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i asked a friend,
a she,
why she wanted
so much
to be by the sea.

it makes me
feel free,
she said to me,
i want an island
and to swim you see?

i get that,
i said,
but tell me now,
why an island,
not an archipelago?

it could be
an isthmus
or a peninsular,
i don’t give a fuck,
as long we are

pirates building
in the sand,
salt in our hair,
your cock
in my hand.

Wank biscuit

I was blown away last night and this morning when I read the responses to my little poem. I wrote it in seconds, on the bus on my way home alone from a depressing evening in an even more depressing meat market. I never gave it a second thought and never expected such a heart-warming response.

I never realised just how many wonderful friends I have here. Thank you all for being so sweet and making me feel so wanted. You were all exactly what I needed. Thanks especially to the wonderful Kat of SnarkySnatch who said this, melting my heart and making my day.

“Get it out baby. Get out your pain in your glorious prose but don’t ever give up on sharing your heart. I would give my left tit to be able to have a man that loves as passionately as you do. Fuck anyone that doesn’t see your hearts grace. Yeah. I said it. FUCK ANYONE. You have supported me from the very beginning when there wasn’t even a reason to. You believed in my silly ass and snatch. Your motivational words propelled me forward during many a dark time. I remember one amazing email you sent me inspiring me to continue blogging when I didn’t think I had a voice to. I did continue. This is power you have to a fellow blogger, what the hell kind of empowerment do you give to someone you love? You are a vaginal elixir. You are talented. You are witty and funny. You are loyal. You are thousand gazillion things worth writing about but you greatest gift is that you love with an open heart. How many of us can say we do the same? I am very honored to call you a friend Kyle luv.

I have said before don’t fall in love…fall off a bridge. It will hurt less. I get it. I know. I’ve been there done that. Got the t-shirt and watched the movie on Lifetime but it still doesn’t take away the sting of hurting to say I feel you sweets. At the end of the day Kyle, people are flawed and sometimes selfish. It is an ugly part of humanity. Does it make them evil to hurt us? No. But they sure as shit could show some compassion when they exit. I am sorry you are hurting luv. I truly am. I adore you tons you silly wank biscuit. Hugs and mayhem.”

Brick wall

I was overwhelmed by the love shown to me yesterday by fellow bloggers  when I wrote this little post. Some of your responses were so beautiful I think I have to share them. In particular this poem by the marvellous Randall Dean Scott, the man with no face but a huge heart. Thank you Randall. Thank you everybody.

It’s interesting and
absurd isn’t it?
How we willingly
run as fast as we
can into a brick wall.
The wall is so pretty
like no wall we’ve
ever seen but we
must make contact
yet the problem is that
we are too passionate
with everything we
do like da Vinci does
art and don’t give
one fuck about how
hard the wall is if
when it is beautiful and
especially if we
love it.

Friend request

Me: sent at 23:47
i love you and adore you – you are all i think about from the moment i wake until the moment i sleep – i am besotted with you – i just need to know that you feel the same way – i don’t think i can live without you – i just need you so badly, it hurts

You: sent at 23:48
Dude!!! I like only accepted UR friend request 2 minutes ago and I only did that coz my pal Cathy said U had a huge dick.

You: sent at 23:55
Do U?

You: sent at 23:55
Have a big dick??

Weird bitch

No one could understand why she had done it. She had seemed so happy. She hadn’t always been like that, she had always been rather a melancholy girl, but six months ago she had met a man online and from that point onwards her whole personality had changed. She’d seemed lighter somehow and would smile nearly all the time, she started taking an interest in her appearance and had even dropped 12 pounds.

She talked about nothing else, and we all kinda found it a little boring but we were just so glad to see her happy, that we listened. We got every gory little detail, the poems he wrote her, his confessions of undying love for her, word for word accounts of every IM he had ever sent and far more than we wanted to know about what they got up to on Skype.

We had been a little wary for her, after all this was some guy, thousands of miles away, that she had never actually met, but they sounded so well matched, they shared the same hobbies, liked the same movies and music and TV. Generally, we were all just delighted for her.

So why today? Why would she do something like that on the very day that he was going to fly in and they were going to finally meet?

As the paramedics took down her body, I noticed that her laptop was still on. I navigated my way to her Facebook page and found their thread, just to see what had happened to make her do something like that. My blood froze. There it was, six months of chat. Except it wasn’t, it was just her. There was nothing from him. Tens of thousands of remarks and LOLs and <3s but all from her, just one side of the conversation. I scrolled up and up until my fingers ached, just hoping for some sign of him, tears streaming down my face. It was all there, the poems she’d written him, her responses to comments he’d never made, answers to questions he’d never asked, an acceptance of a proposal he’d never offered. My spine chilled at the recollection of that day, when she’d bounced into work, bubbling with love, telling us all that he had proposed.

I kept scrolling up until I found it. The only comment he had ever made to her, right at the top, six months ago. “Who the fuck are you? You weird bitch!!!”


the idea of community has completely changed in recent years. it has nothing to do with geography any more.

i have dear friends on other continents and we share friends on others still. some of us have never met and may never meet. some of us haven’t seen in each other in decades, but i am part of a community on fartbook and wordpress and it is real. i have made such wonderful friends online. we small talk and gossip about each other. we even fall out at times. the human spirit shines through social networks. we share movies and music and jokes, our happinesses and our sadnesses, our pains and pleasures, our losses and gains. we spend hours and hours together. i love farcebook. I love wordpress. i love skype, and i love you. all.

i met a friend from australia the other week, we had only known each other through facebook. we got on like old pals.

my mom doesn’t do the internet, she says that my online lover is probably an 87 year old, one legged, fat man from bolton, masquerading as a beautiful woman. i hope she’s right.