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Grief: all the things i wish i’d said
Love: all the things i hope i’ll say

Grief: even after all these years, you are the first thing i think about when i wake
Love: even after all these years, you are the last thing i think about before i sleep

Grief: i miss you more every day
Love: i love you more every day

Grief: i wish this feeling would go away – i know it won’t
Love: i hope this feeling never goes away – i know it won’t

Grief: losing you changed me forever
Love: finding you changed me forever

Grief: you’re all i ever think about
Love: you’re all i ever think about


She can still hear him crying. It has been over a year, but she can still hear him. She knows its an hallucination, that it isn’t real but that doesn’t make it stop. There is only one thing she can do. She climbs the stairs, flicks on the light in his room. Its just as it had been on the day he had gone. Untouched. She remembers the sirens, the icy panic, the flashing lights, the hospital and the sorry, pathetic expressions on the doctors and nurses faces. She looks into the empty cot and the crying stops. All she can hear is the wind in the trees and the sounds of her own sobbing.

Why we don’t need Facebook, but why I do

I spend most of my life on Farcebook, and being banned, even for a short time, prevented me from playing with a lot of my friends.

In a tiny way, I went through ‘the five stages of grief’:

  • denial: I tried instantly to message someone – the result was an automated message from fb threatening to bar me for longer if i tried it again
  • Anger: I decided never to go on Fartbook again
  • Bargaining: I tried to mail them – but you cannot
  • Depression: I really missed some of my friends and sulked around the house – I ended up doing the washing up and the hoovering
  • Acceptance: I finally understood that Facebook is not a piece of holy scripture, it is not the bloody constitution: its a social networking website – and nothing more

go get yourself banned from Fuckbook… I dare you.