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Just a dream

I guess it was all
Just a dream,
Something that
Could never,
Ever be.

I guess we were
Too far apart,
Too distance in space,
Too separated
By time.

I will never forget
That last night we shared
Talking and laughing and crying
Until the birds got up.

It was a sweet dream
that we shared, and
I will always remember it
With a naughty smile
And a joyful tear…

I felt

I felt so happy that I’d found her.
I feel so stupid now I’ve lost her.

I felt so clever when she laughed at my jokes.
I feel so stupid now she won’t pick up the phone.

I felt so light, now I feel so heavy.
I felt so full, now I feel so empty.

I felt so fulfilled,
Now I just feel horny.

Thanks to  Jane for  the idea.