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Heads or tails

we toss a coin. it lands heads up: me then. you look at me and smile and using silk scarves, you tie me, outstretched, by my wrists and ankles to the four bedposts of our massive bed – careful not tie me tightly but so that there is no way i could free myself. there is fire in your eyes tonight

at first you are gentle with me, covering me with kisses, telling me you love me, whispering it. then you mount me, dropping slowly and deeply onto me, groaning, your eyes closed, your head back. we flow into each other with purring, animal ryhthm. i yearn to touch your breasts but cannot and you laugh at me and touch them yourself. you feel me so well that you can stop nanoseconds before i reach the point of no return – and you do. you grin and shake your head when i beg you not to stop, to please please go on. you climb off me and bend down over me, kiss me and stare deep into my eyes.

the sparkle in your eye seems brighter tonight than normal, hotter somehow. i can see something wild in you. i sense mischief. you take my lower lip between you teeth playfully, your eyes fixed on mine. I shudder a little and you slide down me, kisses falling on my neck, my upper arms, my chest like a spring shower.

i feel some of the kisses become tiny little bites, not painful but sweet, but each one slightly sharper than the previous one – until one on my left bicep draws a sharp intake of breath from me. you look up at me “you felt that” you smile, breathing me a kiss. i look back, a little surprised. underneath you i press against your belly, you can feel that i am still excited, maybe even more excited. ‘no reason to stop yet’ it makes you think.

you giggle and nip my other arm and my chest, twice, and as before, each one is slightly harder than its predecssor. i emmit tiny little yelps with each one. “careful now honey, not too hard” you hear me say as you slide down my chest to my stomach. ‘his mouth tells me stop’ you think ‘but his hard-on says something else.’ under your breasts i wrestle and pulsate. you intensify your biting shower turning it from rain into a light hail, feeling me wriggle helplessly under you. i laugh, but i ask you to take it easy too. you don’t stop, you sink lower. “hey c’monl, enough’s enough eh?” i plead, a quiver in my voice and you look up at me, your eyes burning like cinders.

i pull at my bonds trying to free myself and realise it is utterly useless. you watch me, silently, laughing at my helplessness. growing wetter at my realisation of it. you find yourself wondering just how far you would go. you find the answer deep within yourself and it shocks and thrills and scares you – the answer is you don’t know. the sense of power intoxicates you and your head spins, your loin pounds with distant drumbeats and wild primative ideas dance through your mind singing in languages you don’t quite understand.

you look down at my cock, it is still hard, still throbbing, only inches from your mouth. You watch it for a long time before looking back at me. “do you know what i’m going to do to you now?” you ask. i don’t, so you tell me. i laugh, like it was a joke, but your eyes don’t laugh back they just smoulder lustfully
“p-please?” i beg “no!”
“i’ll tell you what,” you say “I’ll give you a chance.” i watch you haul yourself up so you are kneeling, astride me, towering over me. you take the coin from the bedside table. “heads: we stop now,” you say, “i untie you, we kiss, we cuddle, we make love, whatever. tails on the other hand…” you say nothing, you just look down at my desperate hard-on and back at me. i plead again but the coin is in the air, spinning, slowly – it seems as though time slows down as it carves its fateful, tumbling arc and lands coldly on my lower belly. i strain my head to see which way it has landed but cannot. you can though. you look at it, then at me, and smile.