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The book is always better than the movie

They say that the book is always better than the movie and I guess that’s true. I think that its something that applies to life as well and that makes me kinda sad.

You see, I think that Kyle Mew – the book is better than the real thing. Its all about words, see, and I can do things with words. I can make you laugh with my words, I can make men stiff and women wet with my words. I can write big, long, erect and throbbing words that would make you gasp in anticipation. My words can stay erect all night and make you come over and over again. I could knock out a horse with my words and fill a bathtub with their issue. I fear that after my words, the real me would be a disappointment.

As for Kyle Mew – The Movie. Well, like all men, the first thing I did when I got a web-cam was film myself masturbating. I think its pretty good, the plot is a tad predictable but I like the way I’ve used super-slo-mo for the ejaculation scene. I will never understand why it has only ever had three views on You Tube