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Ann is the new girl in the office. She likes her job, even though some of the other women can be a bit mean, and her boss Mr O’Flannigan is a dish. He has an Irish accent that makes her think of waterfalls and a thick mop of of dark brown hair that dances when he walks. He has a smile that could make her come and she generally has to bring in spare panties.

She is packing up ready to go home when he calls her into his office. She can feel his eyes tickling over her body almost as if he is touching her, weakening her knees slightly, putting a little wobble in her voice.

“You know why I’ve asked you in here, don’t you Ann?” he says, she can hear mountain rain in his voice. “Yes sir,” she says, “I know.” and she crosses the rich parquet floor to where he is leant up against the his oak desk. She drops to her knees and undoes his zipper, feeling the cloth taught against his growing erection. Ann takes him out and begins to kiss the tip of his impressive member. Opening her mouth little by little, wetting him, caressing him with the tip of her tongue until she is full with him. She works him harder and faster feeling him slipping in and out of her hot, wet, red mouth, holding his cock round the base and squeezing, feeling him pulse against her tongue and lips. She can feel his excitement rising, his hips rocking, his hand gently holding her head. She can hear his desire simmer and boil in his moans of pleasure, thrilled that he even moans with an accent.

Stopping, she looks up at him smiles, rises and pushes him back onto the desk. Slipping out of her sodden red lace panties and hoisting her skirt, she mounts him, lowering herself onto him slowly, inch by tantalising inch, squeezing with her pussy, staring into his eyes. She rides him like an ocean wave, long and hard and deep, one hand inside his shirt, scratching him slightly, playing with his nipples, the other slips wetly between her legs, as she rubs deliciously at her throbbing clit and dripping lips, feeling him deep within her, watching him watching her.

They both feel their orgasms rise up from deep within their souls at the same time and she slips her wet fingers into his mouth and he sucks at them and gently bites them. Their orgasms erupt through them, their eyes locked, their mouths hot, red and open. Papers fly off the desk as it rattles and shakes to the tune of their lovemaking. She feels every shooting pulsation of his pleasure as he fills her, pulling her fiercely onto him with each powerful thrust, his cries of  delight filling the air like a flock of wild birds.

Their orgasms set slowly, growing quieter and softer, screams become gasps and smiles and kisses, and she collapses onto his chest, feeling his heavy breath and pounding heart.

“Actually Ann,” he said as she adjusted her skirt and hair, “I just wanted to ask if you’d seen my stapler.”