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The point of life

Just so as I never forget, I have this on the wall in front of my computer.

Your god is too small for my universe

I was looking this  great post,  Why wearing glasses on For your amusement when i came across this wonderful picture:

Thanks Kim.

Balance your happiness with your sadness

be friends with sadness
enjoy your tears
crying is like laughing but for deep people
crying is like pooing, its only painfull if you don’t do it regularly
i love sad stories, like romeo and whatsherface. somehow sad stories
say more about us
fiction should move us and change us and sad endings affect us more
deeply than happy ones, somehow they are just bigger stories that

when i write, i try to kill as many characters as possible (buggers you
up for the possibilty of a sequel though)
stories are symbols and fictional violence and death symbolise our
own everyday hurts and endings
embrace your sadness, it makes us as human as our happiness does,
maybe more so.
what other animal laughs or cries?
cry as much as you laugh – balance your soul that way

lee hall had this beautiful thing to say about it in the opening of  ‘spoonface steinberg’

Ten thousand mile stiffie

the internet is a wonderful monument to human spirit – it says so much more about who we are than what it is. i think it shows that we are more mental than we are physical, that thoughts and words prevail over actions and deeds, in defining us

women get men stiff, and men get women wet, on the internet, over thousands and thousands of miles. without ever having even met, without ever having even touched each other. isn’t that wonderful? we are what we are, regardless of medium or technology. we are an ape and we are glorious for it

the universe existed for billions of years before humankind did, and it will continue to exist for trillions of years after we are gone. we are just a blip, like a faint, almost invisible, star in an otherwise black sky. doesn’t that make us even more beautiful?

This is what i love about the internet

Just had to blog about this wonderful site a friend shared with me today. This sweet and simple little idea really cheered me up at a time when I really needed it.

I think most people probably know it and, as usual, I am probably the last human on the planet to have discovered it. Sure, it is puerile and pointless and does nothing. Maybe it even makes light of some peoples’ real problems but I kept on clicking on it and I swear it made me feel better.

However, another friend pointed out that the idea is messing with the observer paradox, which when you think about it, it kinda does.

Maybe this site is fucking with the fabric of the universe itself.

Maybe I give a shit?

Try it and tell me it don’t work…

thanks for reading, whoever you are