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The rain

the rain came down like bullets – every drop was as big as a pea and i just watched as it kicked up the dust and scared the shit out of the spiders and even a cat


There is no wind
and the rain beats straight down onto us
in long hard streams,
the drops tickling every inch of our naked bodies
like a thousand tiny kisses.
Our mouths and eyes meet and lock,
rain running cold over our heated lips,
our hands sliding wetly
over each others trembling flesh.
My mouth slips down
and over
your breasts and belly,
following rivulets of chilly water
as they run down to between your legs.
You swing round and take me in your mouth,
the rain cascading over us,
making us shiver lightly,
contrasting with the tingling heat
of our passion and lips.
Our tongues coax deep moans and sighs,
a plume of water sprays into the air
as you slam your hand down into a rippling puddle
in time to your rising orgasm.
Your scent and flavour fill my nostrils
and mouth
and intoxicate me
as you shudder
and rise and fall and scream
and I fill your mouth with hot thick love.
After, we kiss
long and slow and sticky,
your blue eyes sparkling
sharing our flavours,
my cum on your lips,
your nectar on mine.


fuck me in the rain
i want to hear the thunder
feel the thunder between my legs
see the lightning in your eyes
i want to wash away with the rain
feel the ground sizzle under us
as lightning strikes close
feel the grass boil as we do
the air smouldering
the trees shaking
you are the storm
above me
in me
striking and hot and electric
like thunder
rumbling in my belly
with each flash of lightning
each roar of thunder
we echo
your body is part of it
our bodies are
we scream louder
competing with mother nature
in time with nature
we are nature
we are natural
we are primal
our orgasms a storm
a downpour
our love poundng the ground
like big heavy raindrops
break the levy
flood me
drench me
fill me
drown me in your eyes
fill me with them
i can feel your heart
beat with mine
further still
until we erupt
like the swollen ocean
save me
we are on the edge of life

by rose ♥

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Liquid sunshine

We were all moaning about the rain, in the shop, when this bloke says, “Think of the rain as liquid sunshine!”

He had the sort of face that looked like a fist belonged in it.