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Serious action

you stand before us and watch us both strip, enjoying how we are both fully erect by the time we are naked. then you have us strip you, slowly, tantalisingly, kissing and stroking each inch of flesh as it is exposed. stepping out of your panties, you watch our eyes drink in your beauty and lie back on our big bed.

before we get down to some serious action, you tell us, you want us to put on a little show for you. we are both straight but are happy to do anything to turn you on and we kiss, hungrily, our cocks brushing up against each other, pressing into each other. he is much bigger than i am, and i am quite jealous, especially at the greedy way you stare at it. we grab each others shafts and stroke them slowly but fully. my fingers can barley reach round his magnificent prick and i can feel the blood pumping through it in powerful pulsations, his veins like steel wires. you start to touch yourself when i drop to my knees and take his broad, hard cock deep into my mouth. he grabs my head and forces himself into me hard, and i can hear your moans of pleasure as he fucks my face. he pulls out as he starts to come and i can hear you coming too, as he squirts what feels like gallons of hot creamy cum all over my face and into my open, awaiting mouth.

you reach under the bed and pull out the nine tailed flogger. you’d told me last night that you were going to hand it to me but with a wink you pass it to him and he starts to lash at me with it. you squeal with delight and giggle as he covers my body with a rain of stinging blows. he does not care for me like you do and hits me with force, and i jump and squirm with each blow and cover my cock with my hands. i expect you to tell him to ease up a bit, but you don’t, you tell him to hit me harder and for me to put my hands above my head and to stand still. i do, and he brings the flogger down on my twitching prick making it bounce and sway violently.

he is almost instantly stiff again and you tell me to get on all fours. you lie on the bed, bringing your grinning face close to mine, studying my eyes as he enters me. you reach down between your legs as he fulfils himself, fiercely and relentlessly, shaking my whole body and drawing a gasp from my lungs with each powerful thrust. you kiss me as he comes in long hard waves, deep inside me. you whisper that you love me.

the two of you tie me, still shaking, spread eagled, to the bed and you kneel over my face, your juices dripping into my mouth as you lower yourself onto me. i lick at your glowing, drenched pussy, intoxicated by your taste, your thighs squeezing my head and your hips rocking in time with your pleasure as i feel my cock being slid wetly into his mouth. you have the flogger now, and i can feel you swiping at him as my aching cock slips in and out of his mouth. with each blow he yelps and bites at my erection and digs his fingers into my balls. i scream, vibrating your glowing, dribbling cunt which is now quivering and throbbing with delight. you lower yourself further onto me preventing me from breathing and you feel my fear growing and my lungs bursting as i feel your orgasm rise, your thighs trembling uncontrollably as they grip my head. you can sense my panic as you come, and as i pass out, i feel my cum hit the back of his throat.

when i come to, you are kneeling over me, your ass close to my face and he is kneeling in front of you. you have his cock in your hand and you are both kissing.  i can make out his fingers between your legs, lapping at your soft wet pussy and driving hard and wildly into you. i can see what you were doing while i was out because his cum is dripping from your butt. i know what you want me to do.

Real stingers

I was sixteen and she was nineteen or maybe twenty. She was a classroom assistant. The assistants were not supposed to administer corporal punishment, but she did. She would take us into the little office behind the classroom, bend us over and cane our asses, up to six times if we had been really bad. Once, after having been given six real stingers, I stood up and she could see by the bulge in my pants that I had a hard on. She had me bend back over and gave me ten more. Afterwards she winked at me and told me that I didn’t have to be naughty, all I had to do was ask nicely.

Cock party

“What’s a ‘Cock party’? I ask. You all laugh.
“It’s a girls’ night. We all buy dildos, get shit-faced and fuck around, sword-fight with them, discuss blow job techniques, that kinda thing.”
“Cool, can I come?”
“Fuck off you perv!” you say, “Girls only.”

The vodka is flowing freely, a blanket of skunk smoke floats in the air, your laughs and shrieks fill the room, and you are all merrily sword fighting with your array of multi-coloured dildos, when the wardrobe creeks and you spot that I have been spying on you from in there.

I get dragged out. Some of you seem angry but mostly you think its funny. I’m told to strip and that I can stay, but only if I cock fight all of you. I look a little worried as some of your toys are massive, but the idea of being in on your night is way too alluring and I agree.

At first you are all quite gentle, tapping my erection softly with your hard rubber pricks, but you egg each other on, and you get meaner and start to slap my cock around harder, giggling as I flinch and gasp. Spurred on by the booze and weed and each other, you smack me right in the balls with something that is 15 inches long and as thick as my wrist. I drop to my knees moaning with the pain.

Your shrieks of laughter growing wilder, and I’m told to stand again and someone points out that I’m still stiff and therefore must like it and want some more. Still gasping in pain, I try to protest as I feel an 18 inch, purple double ender slam into my nuts knocking the breath clean out of me and dropping me to the floor. I wonder if any of you realise what a kick I am getting from this.

I’m still barely able to breath and with tears stinging my eyes when I find myself pinned to the floor. Panties are pulled down and a skirt lifted, and one of you sits on my face nearly suffocating me. I am told to lick and I do. I feel lips around my cock, and then tongues licking expertly at my tip, fingers running up and down my length, drawing me nearer and nearer to orgasm. There is whispering and giggles and I hear someone say “wait until he comes.”

I try not to come, but my cock is being kissed and stroked so perfectly that I cannot help it, and as the first wave of my orgasm washes through me, I feel the violent caress of a dildo that could knock a church door off its hinges explode between my legs. My body tries to double up but my legs and arms are being held down and I writhe helplessly. The pain heightens my senses and slows time and the conflicting sensations of pain and pleasure mix intoxicatingly  in my blood. My head swims with the intensity of it and my eyes sting as, with each squirt, I am struck harder. You all laugh at my muffled screams of agonizing pleasure, the room spinning as the two extremes collide in my soul, my whole body shot through with fire, like some insane drug rush. My orgasm seems to last for ever as wave after wave of thick white cum is thrown into the air with the beating of bright pink silicone.

Afterwards I sit curled up, shaking uncontrollably and am given a drink and a spliff and a few hugs and a couple of kisses. That’ll teach me not to spy on a girls’ night I’m told. You will not tell me which of you it was that was blowing me or whose ass I was eating. I look over at the wardrobe, to check that the video camera is still recording.

Three words

YOU chain me to the radiator. leaving a little slack, so that i am not strapped to it but have enough room to stand back by a few inches. you reach over and switch it on. i turn my head and look at you with a little concern in my eyes. you can be a bit naughty sometimes, i know, but this is cruel. “keep facing front.” you tell me and run the horse whip softly down my back, not hitting me with it, just reminding me of what you could do, if you wanted. I turn back to the wall, feeling the white metal pipes heating up. “this could really hurt.” i point out, as if you didn’t know, “that thing can get damn hot.” i say, the fear evident in my voice.
“you’ll be fine.” you tell me calmly, “as long as you don’t get an erection.”

I hear the rustle of cotton and silk and know you are undressing. you reach over my shoulder, showing me your tiny satin red panties, before dropping them on the floor in front of me. “demonstrate some self control.” you whisper to me, sensing my fledgeling erection. i can hear you smile. i feel myself growing, lengthening and thickening, twitching gently. i try to think of something else rather than you stood behind me, naked. I can feel how close you are.

YOUR breath starts to quicken and deepen and i try not to listen, try not to get any harder but its no good. my cock starts to gradually inch its way towards the heat and the pain. you moan gently, knowing how the sounds of your enjoyment arouse me. i can feel your hot breath on the back of my neck. I feel your eyes glinting and know you are watching me grow and get nearer to the heat.

I feel your fingers stroke gently down my back and your moans of pleasure grow louder and hungrier. something deep pulsates in me as i realise i can hear the soft lapping of you touching yourself and my cock bounces lightly against the hot steel, making me yelp slightly. “shhh.” you tell me, stepping back.
“but that hurt.” i protest. the bite of the whip across my back is not harsh but makes me jump and i brush against the radiator once more. you giggle and bite your lip. “demonstrate some self control then.” you say softly, and “shhhh. no more words. no more sounds. hold it in. feel it.” you reach across and turn the heat up to full, and i briefly see your smile and the mischief in you eyes.

I feel myself tap lightly on the hot pipes, trying not to cry out, feeling the pain electrify my soul, sharpening my senses. you moan louder and deeper, telling me in detail what you are doing to yourself, standing right behind me again. “you want to turn me on, my love? well know that you are.” when you start to caress my lips with your slender wet fingers, slipping them into my adoring mouth, i know i will get fully erect and be unable to stop it. i panic and use the safety word. there is silence. i tense up, expecting the whip. i say it again. “why do you say that?” you ask sounding genuinely puzzled.
“the safety word.” i explain, my erection now brushing against the burning metal.
“that was last night’s safety word, my darling.” you say in your sweetest voice.
“well what’s tonight’s?” i quiver, looking round at you. You step back and i feel the sharp sting of leather land hard on my back. Then another and another, each one meaner the the last.
“there isn’t one my sweetheart.” you giggle in a voice like thick cream, “why would there be? I’m not doing anything to you. you are doing that to yourself. if you want to hurt yourself for my pleasure honey, who am i to complain? if you don’t like it, i told you, exercise some self control.”

YOUR moans and gasps grow louder, and i can feel the approach of your orgasm in the heat of your breath, your nipples, erect, brush against the stinging of my back and i can feel your eyes on my cock as it presses up against the cruel heat. my eyes sting with it and my head swims dizzily. my cries of pain mingle with yours of bliss and fill the room.

I realise the sounds we make when in pain are indistinguishable from those we make when in the throws of ecstasy. i think i am going to pass out. when you unchain me, spin me round and say three words “now, fuck me”