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How I love

god, how i love
looking at you.
god, how i want
just to touch you.
god, how i need
to hold you so tight.
without you
i can’t get through the night.

god, how i love
how we have so much fun.
god, how i love
watching you come.
god, how i love
the way that we click.
god, how i love
playing with my prick.

My one true love.

You are always there for me,
Wherever I go.
Always there
To make me feel good.
I love to touch you
And make you quiver.
You never let me down.
You never say no.
You fufill all my fantasies
However outrageous.
I love to watch you come
I could play with you
Thank you.
You are my one true love.
You are my prick.