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Devil fucking

the devil may be
a lot of things
but he’s a damn good fuck.
his cock is cold,
his cum is hot,
his kisses burn
like steam.

the devil will fuck
and eat you out
until you cannot think,
or speak, or breathe,
or laugh, or cry.
the devil will have
you scream.

the devil will make
you beg for more,
despite the fact it burns.
his tongue is sharp,
his nails dig deep,
as he feasts upon
your pain.

the devil will fuck
you all night long.
the devil will make you bleed.
his love will cut
your mind to shreds.
his sex make you

the devil will do
a lot of things
that will surely fuck you up.
you may not live
to tell the tale
your soul he will
eat up.