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Point five

Drinking cups of tea,
We sat on my mate’s steps,
Watching the girls stroll by,
And smoking funny cigarettes.

I fell in love
eight-point-five times.
“Point-five?” you ask.
“Yeah, I only saw her from behind.”


today i feel happy.
today i am sad.
today i feel lonley.
today i am glad.

today i feel silly.
today i am smart.
today i feel empty.
today i have heart.

today i feel brilliant.
today i am small.
today i feel like
i am fifteen foot tall.

tomorrow i think
i’ll take
the bloody
day off.

I am

a few sandwiches short of a picnic
a few bricks short of a wall
a few lines short of a poem
a few dancers short of a ball

a few feet short of a mile
a few notes short of a tune
a few days short of a month
a few craters short of a moon

a few stitches short of a dress
a few words short of a novel
a few pixels short of a bitmap
a few whores short of a brothel

Profanities removed

I was able to find only one draft of Mr Mew’s that was suitable for publication. I hope that my removal of certain profanities has not detracted from your enjoyment in any way.

i want you to ★★★★ my ★★★★
i wanna make you ★★★★
because i think you rock
and i know it would be fun

i wanna ★★★★ you in the ★★★
and ★★★★ on your ★★★★
because you make me laugh
and i love you to bits

please let me me kiss your ★★★★★
and worship your ★★★★
i know this might sound wussy
but its always worth a punt.

Until next time, please do have fun, just not too much.



Nothing gets me hotter

i’m trying to diversify
and not just write clit lit
but the numbers of visits that i get
goes up when i write that shit

i thought i might try poetry
i could even do horror, i bet
but all i really wanna do
is make your pussy wet.

flash fiction might be all the rage
and poetry is fun
but nothing gets me hotter
than writing words that make you come