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Calling all word whores

I just want to thank everyone for the fantastic and pant stretching response to my Word whore post yesterday. The tee-shirts are going to take some time, especially considering Jayne’s fantastic idea of using the orifices of the ‘o’ and ‘e’ to add a little viscerality to the design.

In the mean time please help yourselves to these official “I am a word whore” buttons. They are available in a variety of colours (more available on request) and can be posted on your site or printed out and stapled to your forehead. Display them, share them, sell them on eBay or sue me for calling you a whore, just have fun with them.


A snippet of chat

Bestie – 5 minutes ago
so how has she won your heart then?

Me – 5 minutes ago
by laughing at my jokes, by telling me about  the sadness and pain in her life, by listening to mine, by being open and honest, by liking my writing, by being a brilliant writer herself, by being sweet and gentle and kind and taking a real interest, by being clever and cute and very pretty, by sending me naughty thoughts, by dancing and singing at work, by sharing her day to day shit, by wanting to share mine, by being beautiful and funny and very sexy, by calling me silly.

Bestie – 1 minute ago
nice, makes a change from the usual “great tits” lol.