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Virgin on the ridiculous

I am furious. My ISP, Virgin Media, and four other UK ISPs, Everything Everywhere, O2, Sky and TalkTalk have blocked access to the wonderful Pirate Bay! I am not just furious, I’m heartbroken. Now, I know copyright infringement is illegal but I pay Virgin for the internet, not to make moral decisions for me. I know that the courts ordered them to do this but, all the same, I pay for the internet and that should mean all of it.

I had a little cry, and then I composed myself. ‘Well, okay.’ I thought, ‘maybe its not a bad thing, and if that’s the way the internet is going to go, let’s see what else my ISP is blocking.’ so I had a look.

‘What about porn?’ I wondered, ‘Are Virgin and co. going to “protect” me from that?’ It seems not.  ‘What about the type of porn where women get raped and beaten up?’ That’s fine it seems. ‘Racist websites?’ Nope, not blocked from them, or anti-gay sites or terrorist’s sites. If I want to visit some of the sickening, hate-filled, shit that lurks out there on the net,Virgin and the UK courts thinks that’s all just fine and dandy, just as long as I don’t try to steal an episode of the Simpsons or two, actually I have stolen 505 episodes of the Simpsons, but that’s not the point.

This whole sack of shit has been put in place for the likes of the evil robot tyrant Rupert Murdoch and his despicable media empire with its newspapers that hack into the phones of dead children. It has nothing to do with morality or even law, its about people who own billions and that think, for some reason, that they need even more, its about billionaires who are so rich they can bully governments into doing their dirty work for them.

The most ridiculous thing though in all of this, is that I can still get Pirate Bay on my phone (Yay T-Mobile!) and I can still get isoHunt which does exactly the same thing as Pirate Bay, but is not as cool because it doesn’t have the word ‘pirate’ in it, and all of the torrents are still there, its just I’ve lost my neat little, cool named, torrent search engine.

Ok. Enough ranting from me, now I’m gonna get back to writing daft poems and clit lit. X