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I was beginning to wonder

so, i’m chatting to this girl on facebook one time, and she wants to skype. so i’m all like, ‘yeah’ and she’s all like, how she wants to see my cock and everything. so i’m like, ‘fuck yeah!’ i mean, i love it when a girl wants to get a glance at my lance. so i go trim up a bit, you know, shave round the base of it to make it look bigger and that, oil it up a bit too, to make it like glisten.

so, i’m like there in front of the laptop, stark bollock naked, with an erection you could hammer nails with, when she calls. now, i’ve got the camera like aimed at my face to start with, i mean you gotta have a little class when it comes to these things, haven’t you? and anyway, i wanna hear her ask.

so, we like chat for a few minutes and then she’s like ‘come on then, show me your cock.’ so i lower the camera, slowly, to make it more romantic and that, and give her an eyeful of my tower. she’s like all quiet, and i’m guessing she’s just dumbstruck at how magnificent it is and everything, and i’m like, ‘you wanna see me play with it?’ and she’s like
‘oh no. put it away. i just wanted to check that you had one. i was begining to wonder.’

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