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She’s a woman not a girl.

Friend request

Me: sent at 23:47
i love you and adore you – you are all i think about from the moment i wake until the moment i sleep – i am besotted with you – i just need to know that you feel the same way – i don’t think i can live without you – i just need you so badly, it hurts

You: sent at 23:48
Dude!!! I like only accepted UR friend request 2 minutes ago and I only did that coz my pal Cathy said U had a huge dick.

You: sent at 23:55
Do U?

You: sent at 23:55
Have a big dick??

Less than three

It amazes me
That two little characters
Can make me so happy
I felt a little misery
Then my phone went beep
A text for me
Just two little characters
Less than and three

Pictures of my dick

u leaving me?!!!
Monday, 11:46 PM

wot bit of *we are thru* didnt u get?
Monday, 11:47 PM

if u leave me ill post pics of ur dick all over the internet!!!
Monday, 11:47 PM

u cant!
Monday, 11:47 PM

try n stop me! the whole world will see how tiny it is LOL!!!
Monday, 11:49 PM

no i mean i knew u wud do that – im 1 step ahead of u – i posted 100s of pics of my dick on the internet last nite! hahahaha fuk u!
Monday, 11:50 PM

Thanks to Snarkysnatch for the idea.

Thanks Rick

Got this review for the book on from a Mr Rick Wagner from Arizona.

A surprisingly broad survey

14 September 2011

This book teaches a surprisingly wide variety of tasks for the Android developer. Among the skills taught:

– Drawing your UI
– Making menus, context sensitive menus, shortcut keys and submenus
– Storing data on internal storage, external storage, the included SQLite database
– Detecting device orientation, using the accelerometer, detecting user gestures and the available sensors
– Communicating with the user through Alerts, progress bars, status bars and dialogues
– Adding graphics, rotating images, and using animation
– Playing audio files and recording video, audio and taking pictures
– Sending and receiving phone calls and SMS messages, using internet content
– Detecting the device location, using Google maps and other mapping skills

The format for each lesson is the same: Start with a new Eclipse project, add the bare minimum necessary to see the desired functionality.

I think this book will make a good reference for Android developers of all skill levels. Beginners should be prepared for a little online homework to flesh out ideas, as there is not a lot of theory here.

Thanks Rick.