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fuck me in the rain
i want to hear the thunder
feel the thunder between my legs
see the lightning in your eyes
i want to wash away with the rain
feel the ground sizzle under us
as lightning strikes close
feel the grass boil as we do
the air smouldering
the trees shaking
you are the storm
above me
in me
striking and hot and electric
like thunder
rumbling in my belly
with each flash of lightning
each roar of thunder
we echo
your body is part of it
our bodies are
we scream louder
competing with mother nature
in time with nature
we are nature
we are natural
we are primal
our orgasms a storm
a downpour
our love poundng the ground
like big heavy raindrops
break the levy
flood me
drench me
fill me
drown me in your eyes
fill me with them
i can feel your heart
beat with mine
further still
until we erupt
like the swollen ocean
save me
we are on the edge of life

by rose ♥

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The storm

We make love in a storm on top of the hill. We both know how dangerous this is but this only adds to the thrill.

As we fuck on the wet, slippery grass, the storm seems to follow our motions, growling when we do, growing fiercer with every passing second, rocking the air around us. The lightning and thunder get louder and faster with us. A bolt strikes a nearby tree, which bursts into flames, echoing our heat. Another strikes the ground near us causing the grass to steam and smoulder, we feel the earth tremble and tingle under us.

Now the storm is directly above, one continuous symphony of sound and light and heat. You, on top and less afraid than I, lift your head to the skies and throw out your arms as if to beckon it.

Hard, heavy raindrops batter your beautiful, naked flesh and when the lightening bolt strikes us we hardly notice. Its billion volts are nothing to the power of our shared orgasms, and death seems puny in comparison to our love.

It turns us instantly to cinders, saving a fortune on cremation fees.