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All hail the vagina

I wish I could remember where I found this image (if you know please tell me). Truth is, its true. Women never came from a man’s ribs – sorry but that’s gotta be the silliest thing I ever heard – we came from a woman’s vagina.


tender red meat,
seeping in its own juices,
thick, creamy sauce,
pouring over and down,
bubbling and spitting.

then flipped over,
flesh exposed,
boiling and hissing,
juicy and sweet,
quivering with the heat.
mouth watering,
tender, red meat

Vagina diner

there is nothing that tastes finer
than a good vagina diner.
from the rooftops hear me shout,
“girl i wanna eat you out.

forget that meat injection
or your nasty yeast infection,
and do not think it wussy,
that i wanna taste your pussy.

how i wish that they made snacks
that tasted like your snatch.
The only problem that i’m havin’
is finding a word that rhymes with cunnilingus.