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A friend of mine sends me porn, I’m not sure why, I think he just wants to show off. So, to oblige him, I click on the latest link he’s sent, scroll through a bunch of images, message him back and call him a ‘sick bastard’. This seems to make him happy and I go back to what I was doing.

After a minute or two I can hear this rustling noise and the sound of computer keys being struck coming from my speakers. I check, and its a pop-up left behind by my mate’s porn site. Its one on those live web-cam things and there is a young woman, in her undies, on her bed, typing into her laptop. Now, she’s an atractive woman and the underwear is very sexy but the sight before me is not sexy at all, its one of the least sexiest things i’ve ever seen. She looks deeply sad and is curled up in a ball, hugging her knees. She looks like she’s been crying.

Underneath the video stream is a comment thread, it reads like this:

HoneyCute (21:42): say something baby…
HoneyCute (21:43): talk to me
HoneyCute (21:44): cmon i know you there
HoneyCute (21:46): answer baby…
HoneyCute (21:47): where are you???
HoneyCute (21:47): hello!
HoneyCute (21:48): hellooooo
HoneyCute (21:50): say something baby…

I should just click ‘close’ and think no more about it, but her sadness compells me to say something. The conversation goes like this:

You (21:51): you look so sad
HoneyCute (21:51): ok, you interested in meeting or just porn?
You (21:51): neither. why are you so sad?
HoneyCute (21:52): What do you like doing to girls??
You (21:52): you don’t have to demean yourself like this
HoneyCute (21:52): Do you wanna to treat me like a whore? You can…
You (21:52): no!
HoneyCute (21:53): Do you wanna fuck my ass? It hurts but I like that kinda…
You (21:53): i don’t want to hurt you
HoneyCute (21:53): What do you want to do to me? I don’t mind…
You (21:54): i want to talk to you
HoneyCute (21:54): Sorry but I don’t do weirdos.