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Fitness centre

i have worked at the fitness centre for five years and know all the best places to hide and watch women changing or showering. i have never been caught before, but you are sharper than most and spot me in my hiding place and drag me out, in front of the other women in the changing room, to the accompaniment of much laughter and sneering.

most of you giggle at my naked form and twitching erection, a few of you look quite angry, although one or two have looks of genuine desire in your eyes. you ask me what i was doing and even though i can only stutter, you all know that i was jerking off, as i spied on you all changing. you demand that i continue, in front of you all, and this suggestion is met with a round of cheers and more laughter. i try to protest but you pick up a hockey stick and i can see by the steel in your eyes that you wouldn’t hesitate for a second to beat me with it. one or two of the girls, that were angered at my intrusion, pick up their sticks too, and i realise that i have no choice but to perform in front of you all.

i start to stroke my cock up and down. tentatively at first, closing my eyes against the giggles and jeers, but when i look about, i realise how beautiful the sight before me is. i am surrounded by women of all ages and shapes, in various states of undress, and i start to thrill to the whole idea. my eyes fill themselves and almost drown in ageing thighs and chubby arms, breasts, old and young alike define themselves through towels and underwear and i realise just how gloriously beautiful all women are, regardless of age or shape.

i hear one of you clap their hands together in delight as my cock squirts its first stream of cum and i shiver with delight to the sound of gasps and giggles, my knees trembling and cum dripping through my fingers and spraying into the air. afterwards you tell me that unless i want my boss to know about my sick little games, then i am to come back at the same time tomorrow, so that you can humiliate me further.

Get in here

i have the camera positioned just right and i can see you perfectly, as you spread out naked on your bed and start to stroke yourself between your legs. i just hope i’ve hidden it well enough for you not to spot it, you don’t seem to as you slide two fingers into your dripping pussy and then moisten your clit with them.

i lean into the screen to see you better and grab hold of my cock, which feels hot and desperate in my fingers. you rub yourself harder and i groan to myself at the sheer beauty of you. i long to be there with you, long for my lips to be where your fingers are, wish that i could hear your sweet moans of pleasure.

i pump my cock in time to the glorious rhythm of the rising and falling of your thrusting hips, your back arched, your fingers playing greedily with your whole pussy, plunging deep into yourself, passionately and wildly. i almost come spontaneously when you stop to take a taste of yourself and i have to slow right down so that i can come at the same time you do.

I can tell that you’re close by the way you writhe, the way your thighs shake, the way the way the fingers of your other hand dig deep into the sheets beneath you. I am close to coming too, i can feel my toes curling and my cock pulsing fiercely when, suddenly, you stop, sit up and look straight into the camera. you lean over and write something on a sheet of paper and hold it up for me to see. on it are the words ‘GET IN HERE!’ you don’t look happy and i know i am in a lot of trouble. i put my shorts on but you can still see my erection poking through when i walk through into your room. “take those ridiculous things off and stand there.” you say, gesturing to the end of the bed.

you lie back and spread your legs, raising your knees and start slipping your fingers in and out of your glistening pussy, watching how i drink in the sight with my eyes. i take hold of my throbbing member but you tell me “no” and climb onto all fours, facing me. you run a single, soaked finger down the length of my twitching prick and blow on it and then plant a tiny kiss on the tip, letting it tremble agaisnt you lips. then you open your mouth a little more, taking more of me inside you. i feel your teeth gripping it lighty and your tongue caressing it. you kneel up and face me, sliding your sweet, wet fingers over my mouth and nostrils and then throw yourself back onto the bed and bring yourself close to orgasm in front of me. in between your heavy pants and gritted screams, just before you are about to explode, you say three words to me “now, fuck me!”

A bit of an exhibitionist

i guess i’m a bit of an exhibitionist. i’ve always been turned on by the idea of being watched whilst performing a sexual act, particularly masturbation. so, i’m thrilled when i see that you’ve installed a hidden video camera in my room and decide to put on a real show for you.

i kneel naked in the middle of the bed, making sure that i am in the camera’s field of view, and start stroking myself gently. I am already erect and use just my finger and thumb so you can see its full, twitching length. i look away from the camera, i don’t want you to think that i know you are watching me. i pour lotion over my chest and belly. it is creamy and white and suggestive as i work it into my body, before drizzling more in thick rivulets over the tip of my bulging cock, rubbing it in with long slow pumps of my fist, letting it dribble over and through my fingers.

i take my time and lean back, my chest rising and falling rapidly as my breath quickens. i hold my hand still and let my hips do the work and my orgasm rises suddenly and explosively, shaking the bed and drawing a long satisfied moan from my lips as cum shoots in long thick streaks from my thrashing cock. i mouth your name as i come, not wanting to be too obvious and hope that you’re  recording this in good enough quality to see my cum squirt and dribble over and down my shuddering chest and belly, running stickily through my fingers. my orgasm fades in long eye-watering gasps and i lift my head and slip three cum covered fingers into my mouth, tasting them and letting a little drip over my lip and down my chin before collapsing back onto the bed, a quivering, panting mess.

the next day you explain that you suspect the cleaner of stealing and have put hidden cameras around the place in the hope of catching him out. you smile and wink, before heading off to work.

i can tell by the way your friends giggle and whisper that they have all seen it. i should be mortified by this but i am, in fact, thrilled. i guess i’m a bit of an exhibitionist.

Cock party

“What’s a ‘Cock party’? I ask. You all laugh.
“It’s a girls’ night. We all buy dildos, get shit-faced and fuck around, sword-fight with them, discuss blow job techniques, that kinda thing.”
“Cool, can I come?”
“Fuck off you perv!” you say, “Girls only.”

The vodka is flowing freely, a blanket of skunk smoke floats in the air, your laughs and shrieks fill the room, and you are all merrily sword fighting with your array of multi-coloured dildos, when the wardrobe creeks and you spot that I have been spying on you from in there.

I get dragged out. Some of you seem angry but mostly you think its funny. I’m told to strip and that I can stay, but only if I cock fight all of you. I look a little worried as some of your toys are massive, but the idea of being in on your night is way too alluring and I agree.

At first you are all quite gentle, tapping my erection softly with your hard rubber pricks, but you egg each other on, and you get meaner and start to slap my cock around harder, giggling as I flinch and gasp. Spurred on by the booze and weed and each other, you smack me right in the balls with something that is 15 inches long and as thick as my wrist. I drop to my knees moaning with the pain.

Your shrieks of laughter growing wilder, and I’m told to stand again and someone points out that I’m still stiff and therefore must like it and want some more. Still gasping in pain, I try to protest as I feel an 18 inch, purple double ender slam into my nuts knocking the breath clean out of me and dropping me to the floor. I wonder if any of you realise what a kick I am getting from this.

I’m still barely able to breath and with tears stinging my eyes when I find myself pinned to the floor. Panties are pulled down and a skirt lifted, and one of you sits on my face nearly suffocating me. I am told to lick and I do. I feel lips around my cock, and then tongues licking expertly at my tip, fingers running up and down my length, drawing me nearer and nearer to orgasm. There is whispering and giggles and I hear someone say “wait until he comes.”

I try not to come, but my cock is being kissed and stroked so perfectly that I cannot help it, and as the first wave of my orgasm washes through me, I feel the violent caress of a dildo that could knock a church door off its hinges explode between my legs. My body tries to double up but my legs and arms are being held down and I writhe helplessly. The pain heightens my senses and slows time and the conflicting sensations of pain and pleasure mix intoxicatingly  in my blood. My head swims with the intensity of it and my eyes sting as, with each squirt, I am struck harder. You all laugh at my muffled screams of agonizing pleasure, the room spinning as the two extremes collide in my soul, my whole body shot through with fire, like some insane drug rush. My orgasm seems to last for ever as wave after wave of thick white cum is thrown into the air with the beating of bright pink silicone.

Afterwards I sit curled up, shaking uncontrollably and am given a drink and a spliff and a few hugs and a couple of kisses. That’ll teach me not to spy on a girls’ night I’m told. You will not tell me which of you it was that was blowing me or whose ass I was eating. I look over at the wardrobe, to check that the video camera is still recording.

The shower

She watches him through a thin crack in the curtains, watches him undress, testing the water with his hand, before stepping under the steaming shower. Her hand slips down into the black satin of her panties feeling her own warmth and wetness, her eyes glued to the sight of his strong hands lathering up his magnificent body, her clit tingling as he caresses himself, water and bubbles running down his naked body, outlining each delicious curve. She plays with herself gently, not wanting to come too soon, not wanting to miss a second with him, brushing her hard, hot clit softly and slowly, feeling little rushes of pleasure spread outwards through her.

Sometimes they would bump into each other in the store on the corner and chat. She derived guilty delight knowing she had seen him naked. Naked and more, because the other night he had masturbated in the shower. He had taken his time too. stroked his chest and belly with the other hand, eyes closed, pleasure etched on his face. She had watched transfixed as he brought himself to climax, biting her lip at the sight of his cum running down his length and through his fingers, drowning in his open mouth, feeling his excitement, watching through misted eyes as his body shuddered and rocked. They came together.

She starts to come as he steps out of the shower and begins to dry himself, her orgasm like a million tiny electric storms ravishing her whole body, hot heavy gasps erupt from her chest, her pussy exploding with sensation. For a second she thinks he is looking at her, but reasons that he can’t possibly see her through the tiny gap in the curtain. She doesn’t realise that her feet are poking out from under it.

After he is gone and she has had a quick shower herself, she switches on her notebook and Googles video cameras, thinking she could record him and watch him any time she wants. There is a knock at the door, she slips on her red silk dressing gown and answers it. Its him, wearing nothing but a towel and a smile.

Across the way

She undresses by the old dresser by the window. She knows he is watching her from across the way. He watches naked and erect, unaware that she knows he is there. She likes him watching and spends time rubbing lotion into her breasts, belly and thighs, thinking of what this does to him, how it turns him on, how he will be tugging at himself and she bends down to pick up an imaginary object to give him a good look at her ass.

Sometimes she stands there for twenty minutes caressing herself, making sure he has plenty of time to satisfy himself. Sometimes she likes to tease him and walks away before he would have had a chance to cum. Sometimes she likes to frustrate him, by not showing up at all and thinks of him standing there naked and ready. Sometimes she touches herself for him, just a little.

Tonight he is in for a treat, she has a lover. He beckons her to bed. “Come over here and fuck me.” she tells him bending over the dresser, offering herself. He would rather do it in bed but he goes over to her and fucks her, wondering why she keeps glancing out of the window. She moans so loud that she can be heard across the way.

Across the way spunk splatters against a cold glass window.

The Lodger

The lodger peers through the crack in the door, watching her undress. He is afraid to open it any wider, for fear of getting caught, but he wants desperately to see more of her. ‘Is it worth it?”, he thinks, ‘To risk winding up homeless, possibly with a criminal record? Just to see a little bit more of her?’ He reckons it is, and nudges the door another millimetre open; the shiver of fear mixing with the hot blood of his hard-on, making him fizz.

She undresses slowly and methodically, folding each item and placing it carefully over a chair. She has a woman’s body, not a girl’s and he thinks she is all the more beautiful for it, she has shapes and curves, real curves, her body has character. Not like these young girls who all look like they’ve been pressed from exactly the same plastic mould. She is gorgeous.

He touches himself slowly at first but his hand travels his full length with every stroke. ‘Please turn round. Please turn round.’ he tries to will her with his mind. He loves her back but aches to see her magnificent breasts again.

As if hearing his prayers she turns slowly to face his side of the room, then reaches her hands high over her head and arches a her back in a slow expansive yawn, stretching out her arms and thrusting her breasts forwards.

He bites down hard on his bottom lip to stop himself groaning uncontrollably at the sight of her. If she gets into bed naked, it means she will play. She does. He slows down his rhythm but still stroking tip to base. The veins feel like hot steel wires in his grip.

Now, she throws the covers to the floor and lies outstretched on the giant pink bed. One hand gently and slowly caresses her belly, the other her inner thigh. She touches her breasts and her hips. She rolls around a little to enjoy the sensation of the fresh linen against her skin. Then she slips her right hand between her thighs, wets her middle finger and slips it playfully over her clit, moistening it. She spreads he legs wider so that she is sprawled out across the whole bed; one leg drapes over the edge. She slowly builds a rhythm, her hips slowing rising and falling in time with the beating drums deep within her.

He is in heaven as he watches her every move. He can see everything, right down to how her toes are curling. His hand pumps his burning member, matching her timing, matching her intensity. His eyes water with the beauty of her.

Her hips roll now with a motion like the roll and thrusts of a great steam engine. All her fingers wet, her whole pussy her plaything, she swims in herself. Her hips thrust forward with each sweep harder and harder, faster and faster. She plays passionately with herself, wildly even, her breath escaping the heat inside her in hot heavy gasps, deeper faster, wetter, harder.

He gulps back more tears of sheer pleasure. If he could paint, he would paint her. No man had ever made a work of art that would be as beautiful as what he beheld now. No Mona Lisa or Sistine Chapel could compare. He was close, very close, a hot, pulsating rock in his hand. God, if only he could paint.

Then her orgasm crashes into her, like a series of giant ocean waves crashing onto a rocky beach. Over and over they shake her whole frame, and with each one she rises higher and higher until only her heels and head are touching the bed, a magnificent arc of sweating, quivering, flesh.

She sinks back from the last of these tsunamis with a thump that shakes the bed. Her body continues to writhe in a series of aftershocks. she twitches and pulsates, overwhelmed with it. The room spins as the bolts of pleasure slowly die out. She is left trembling and dizzy, gasping for air. She looks up, as though she can hear something but then sinks into the bed, fucked.

His cock is squirting venomously over him when she looks up. Fuck! Has she seen him? Fear hits him like a bucket of ice water. He lets go of himself  but it is too late; he is in mid-orgasm, he cannot stop, and he continues to cum, spraying wildly. Pulses of pleasure collide with the panic filling his body and soul with conflicting hormones. He feels dizzy and blind his cock thrashing wildly on its own. He feels cold and then hot and he is still cumming, he cannot stop it. The mix of orgasm and terror shake his body. He thinks he will faint, or puke, and he is still cumming.

A large smile is planted across her face. He was there, watching. God she loved it when the lodger watched her masturbate, it made it so much more exciting. One day she should tell him to come and fuck her into a coma. Maybe tomorrow even?

Convinced he’s been seen and with no way of concealing the sticky mess all over her door and carpet, the lodger packs, leaves the outstanding rent on the table and sneaks out into the night.

Yes, she decides definitely tomorrow.