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Across the way

She undresses by the old dresser by the window. She knows he is watching her from across the way. He watches naked and erect, unaware that she knows he is there. She likes him watching and spends time rubbing lotion into her breasts, belly and thighs, thinking of what this does to him, how it turns him on, how he will be tugging at himself and she bends down to pick up an imaginary object to give him a good look at her ass.

Sometimes she stands there for twenty minutes caressing herself, making sure he has plenty of time to satisfy himself. Sometimes she likes to tease him and walks away before he would have had a chance to cum. Sometimes she likes to frustrate him, by not showing up at all and thinks of him standing there naked and ready. Sometimes she touches herself for him, just a little.

Tonight he is in for a treat, she has a lover. He beckons her to bed. “Come over here and fuck me.” she tells him bending over the dresser, offering herself. He would rather do it in bed but he goes over to her and fucks her, wondering why she keeps glancing out of the window. She moans so loud that she can be heard across the way.

Across the way spunk splatters against a cold glass window.