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Over your soul

my words dribble stickily –  over your soul – like my thick cum on your tits

my words drown you – making you wet – like your dripping cunt in my face

my words plunge fiercely – making you gag – like my hard prick down your throat

my words shoot thickly – into your mind – like my hot cum deep inside you


words for me are everything.
you can do anything with words.
they don’t have to be spoken
or whispered
or screamed.
just ink on paper
or pixels on a screen,
paint on a wall
or shit smeared across a front door.

words carry emotions.
words can fuck you up.
words can heal you.
they can terrify you
or arouse you.
you can fall in love to words
and even learn to hate.
you can kill with words
or just use them to help you masturbate.

Our words are alive

our verbs have pulses
and our nouns have breath
our adjectives sweat in the sun
adverbs can even bleed to death
my punctuation has a hard-on
look !

When she smiles

when she smiles at me
my blank goes mind
i lose my speech of power
and word all my forgets
i can’t even sentence a string together
when she smiles at me

You make me come words

I don’t need to touch myself, I only need to think of you, and words well up from my heart and shoot stickily into the air, dribbling down the sides of my throbbing soul.

I only need to hear your voice and words squirt from my mind and splatter onto the page.

I want you to watch me write, to see me type, phrases trickling down my chin.

I want to cover you with my sentences, drench your breasts with my paragraphs, fill your depths with hot viscous chapters of my sweet filth. Swallow, don’t spit my salty clauses, and let me lick my verses from your belly.

You make me cum, all wanky and spunky, sure, but what really thrills me about you is the way you make me come words.