A quickie

I imagine a hot day, sweltering in fact, and I imagine the air-con has broken down. I tied up to our big bed and helpless, I would torture you with an ice cube. First I would cool your sweating forehead with it. Then your mouth, I would chill your red, lusting lips making them cold to the kiss but I would kiss the warmth back into them. Then i would move down your body, very slowly wetting your neck, loving how it made you giggle. I would watch you shudder and I would lick greedily at the melting but chilling water as it slowly drenched your panting breasts. I would linger slightly too long and you would writhe under me, pretending to want to be set free but you would not stand a chance of that. I would find the hottest part of you and the ice cube would melt completely over the stove of your longing. you would beg me, ever so slightly, to stop but I would not. I would release you and enter you and we would fuck like angry tigers. Tearing at each other, pulling ourselves into each other, forgetting ourselves. We would collapse after into brainless heaps unable to even remember our own names. We would have no names. We would just be.

7 responses

  1. your quickies are delicious

    13.06.10 at 12.04

  2. Excuse my crudity, but fan-fuckin-tastic!

    12.02.27 at 17.37

    • thank you so very fucking much

      12.02.27 at 17.42

  3. TheOthers1

    Like angry tigers. That’s imagery I’ll think about all day.

    12.02.27 at 14.55

    • Glad to hear it. I think about that flip-flopped foot all day

      12.02.27 at 14.56

  4. Well isn’t that just NICE. 🙂

    Thanks for the morning quickie!!!


    12.02.27 at 11.57

    • you are more than welcome

      12.02.27 at 11.59

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