heart, loins, soul, night, teeth, hands, dick, eyes

she makes my heart sing
she makes my loins pound
she makes my soul drunk
she makes my night day

she makes my teeth itch
she makes my hands shake
she makes my dick throb
she makes my eyes smile

20 responses

  1. as before…she certainly brings out the best in you. this kind of longing and love brings tears…and i’m sure it did for the both of you too…

    13.06.10 at 12.50

  2. Mmm…love that feeling. Although the dick throb would be of a different throb. : p

    12.03.05 at 00.01

  3. This is beautiful Kyle!

    12.03.04 at 15.55

    • aw thanks – she inspires me

      12.03.04 at 16.01

      • aww good. I am really quite partial to this softer side of you.

        12.03.04 at 16.03

        • thanks hon – i’m glad i have a soft side – wouldn’t want to be all death s&m and debauchery – although i am working on a post that is going to be downright disgusting lol

          12.03.04 at 16.07

          • Haha and I’m just messed up enough to be looking forward to that one too.

            12.03.04 at 16.14

  4. love the line “she makes my soul drunk”

    12.03.04 at 15.17

    • thank you – she does 🙂

      12.03.04 at 15.26

  5. Beautiful stuff yet again! 🙂

    12.03.04 at 10.34

    • you are too kind 🙂

      12.03.04 at 10.35

    • and you were missed

      12.03.04 at 10.35

      • Aww. I missed you guys too. The distance was agonizing. I need to figure out how to get WordPress to work on my phone.

        12.03.04 at 10.38

  6. Where’s she at? I hope right there with you bud.

    12.03.04 at 10.12

  7. I love the line ‘she makes my eyes smile’. beautiful

    12.03.04 at 10.11

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