I’m not a City fan,
But damn that was fun,
Watching Manchester United
Thinking they’d won.

So suck on that hard
And taste City cum,
Let me savour the pain
On your face Ferguson.

Five minutes to go
And one goal down,
But Manchester City
Stole your fucking crown.

Forty four years
Those buggers have waited,
The look on Rooney’s face,
Oh I could have masturbated.

I have a new hero
And I think you know who,
The man of the hour,
Sergio Aguero.

11 responses

  1. Man U’s mugs were a picture, love it! Well done the Gooners for finishing above Spurs.
    A nice little ditty about Man U.
    Andy O.

    12.05.14 at 19.16

    • hehehe thanks andy

      12.05.14 at 23.17

  2. OMG. I think that was one of the most exciting EPL seasons EVER. Regardless of the fact that Chelsea played like a complete ass, the season in itself was amazing! Sobs. Such a long wait till it starts up again.

    12.05.14 at 01.23

    • it was thrilling wasn’t it?

      12.05.14 at 10.07

      • I think the springs on my bed are about to die because I was jumping around on them way too much. XD

        12.05.14 at 10.44

  3. I am sitting with a big grin as well, does feel good to have Man U taken down a peg…

    12.05.13 at 22.23

    • yay!!!! who do you support?

      12.05.13 at 22.24

      • am a Chelsea fan since 1980, when I was living in Sweden I realised I needed to support one team so I took the first one that won me some money in the betting shop. I also support Stockport due to this system 😀

        12.05.13 at 22.29

        • county i can get, but chelsea? i’m a pompey boy myself, born and bred, but i have a soft spot for arsenal as i live so close by the ground 🙂

          12.05.13 at 22.32

        • Yay. Another Chelsea fan! ❤

          12.05.14 at 01.21

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