Smart Arse

Watching the golf: the Open Something. Not into golf but it’s on, that’s how bored I am today. It’s in Sandwich, Kent, quite near where I grew up.
It took me tick to realise why it meant something to me…

I lost my virginity on that golf course.
Seana was her name, or Shean, or Shana, she was Welsh.
I never saw her again,
Or before.
I made a joke about a golf ball getting stuck in the imprint of her butt crack.
She pointed out that her crack imprint would be inverted and actually form a ridge, causing any such ball to roll away from, rather than in to, her crack.

Smart arse!

5 responses

  1. hahaha….sounds like a great way to play golf for the first time!!!

    21.07.25 at 18.34

    • We weren’t playing golf lol

      21.07.25 at 18.38

      • hahaha…yes, I know. Just good ol fashioned balling 😉 cute story

        21.07.25 at 18.58

  2. That’s hilarious!

    21.07.22 at 20.11

    • god – i so needed to make someone smile right now – thank you

      21.07.22 at 20.14

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