The real world vs Farcebook

A little while back, I was temporarily barred from Farcebook. It was a very strange experience, as I generally spend most of my life there. The way it works is quite strange – you can still access your account, whilst barred, and see what all your friends are up to but you cannot join in – any attempt to post or comment is met with a swift rebuke from the Fartbook police and a threat of an extended ban. I felt like a naughty child, forced to stand in a corner whilst everybody else played.

Anyway I decided, that, rather than sit there and sulk, I would go and see if there was still such a thing as the real world… and guess what? There is: it is called Twitter.

2 responses

  1. Buy why were you banned? (I only had to ask because I was curious, that and it just made me actually chuckle literally just sitting here in the quiet of my lounge.)

    12.01.24 at 18.35

    • it was something quite innocuous, i thought, a cartoon i posted on some people’s walls, but it was a cartoon that showed a little nipple. because i posted it on more than one wall, i got more than one warning, hence the ban.

      glad it made someone chuckle.

      at first i thought someone was out to get me, an ex perhaps? but it seems that fartbook have nipple seeking software.

      someone was bound to ask 🙂

      12.01.24 at 18.56

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