Damn Stan

so, its about a six months back, and i’m talking dirty, on facebook, to this woman in south africa, or one of those countries, and its just text, but she is awesome at that shit, and we’re both about to blow our beans when there’s this pause. now, i’m thinking, ‘ok, so she’s popped already’, and i sit back and wait for all the gory details, keeping myself on the verge of the old vinegar strokes, when she types,
“fuck off and die you sick pervert bastard!” now, i’m a little surprised, because this is not her usual modus operandi, but i’m flexible and can work with pretty much any material. so, i’m about to type back,
“go on… tell me more?” when i realise – silly cow has left her laptop open and this is her hubby, whose rumbled what she’s up to. so, i types back “hello stan, nice to meet you mate. how are you? your missus is a right dirty bitch ain’t she? you lucky fucker, you!” almost instantly he’s back at me with this wonderful stream-of-consciousness, ‘rot in hell motherfucker’ stuff and its awesome. i wish i’d kept it. i’m like pissing myself here and i type back,
“wow that’s hot stan, you’re getting me proper fucking stiff. tell me, what are you wearing right now?” and he’s all like,
“i’m gonna hunt you down you piece of shit and cut off your cock and feed it to you.” now, i’m nearly wetting myself at this point and tears are streaming down my cheeks, i’m laughing that hard.
“damn stan,” i type, “you just made me come! you’re better at this shit than your missus!” at this point he unfriends me and blocks me and it all ends there, but it was as funny as fuck, i tell ya.

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18 responses

  1. That’s horrible… and horribly funny at the same time lol.

    12.04.23 at 16.10

    • thanks – and tell stan i said ‘hi’

      12.04.23 at 16.11

  2. THAT was freakin great.

    12.04.22 at 00.52

    • thank you very much, that means a lot coming from you

      12.04.22 at 09.53

  3. You made her and HIM blow – you multi-tasker!
    (btw – I like your new Red Blast Header. Where the hell are the controls for changing that?)

    12.04.22 at 00.00

    • thanks jayne – dashboard > appearance > header, i think x

      12.04.22 at 00.09

  4. hahaha…Wonder if she’s still alive?

    12.04.21 at 23.12

    • don’t worry mate, she’s ten times the man he will ever be

      12.04.21 at 23.23

  5. gypsy116

    Im literally laughing out loud 🙂

    12.04.21 at 23.11

  6. Hahahaha….Kyle this is so fuckin funny!

    12.04.21 at 19.13

    • haha – it really was – thank you isabella

      12.04.21 at 19.17

  7. Wow the spice of life…

    12.04.21 at 18.36

    • they say that its variety

      12.04.21 at 18.37

  8. ROFL!

    12.04.21 at 17.51

    • glad it made you smile

      12.04.21 at 18.36

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