First kiss

our first kiss.
our lips
warm and

our eyes meet.
our tongues
hot and

our breath hot,
our bodies



22 responses

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  2. You remind me that not all men are ignorant when it comes to how a woman feels (read: how a man should make his woman feel) during intimate activities. Thank you for again renewing my faith that someday I will meet a man who does more than roll over and fall asleep the moment he is done with sex. LOL

    12.06.06 at 15.22

    • never lose faith petal, he’s out there

      12.06.06 at 15.56

  3. I remember posting something about “first kiss” too!

    Kissing reveals so much to the soul–desire, passion, need, want, longing, lust, etc.

    Oh! how a kiss, that could possibly be the beginning of something, be an act of one’s resignation to another soul. The first and final act of surrender!

    12.06.06 at 09.09

  4. Oh honey you make me swoon. I like the kiss. It leads to so many more wonderful things. But the kiss, the kiss is just the beginning. Of, well, everything.

    12.06.06 at 03.12

    • thank you rennee, i like making you swoon – and kissing in and of itself, is wonderful too

      12.06.06 at 09.39

      • Oh my sweet you are very good at it. 🙂 Kissing is just the best. Giggle.

        12.06.06 at 13.09

  5. Very nice.

    12.06.06 at 03.10

    • thank you my love

      12.06.06 at 09.37

  6. Love that one too! 🙂

    12.06.06 at 00.25

  7. Beautifully sensuous. One could ask for no more of a first kiss! Melted I did!

    12.06.06 at 00.20

    • that’s nice to hear

      12.06.06 at 01.18

  8. I could go for some burning…..turning sexual. Lovely piece Kyle ; >

    12.06.05 at 22.40

    • thanks – if you liked that, you’ll love ‘better than afternoon telly’ 😉

      12.06.05 at 22.42

      • *smirks*…fourteen inches…sounds great for sharing is caring themed poem or noem.

        12.06.05 at 23.02

        • stop giving me ideas 😉

          12.06.06 at 00.13

          • What!!! It’s a twofur…for furburger!

            12.06.06 at 03.11

  9. “our bodies knot” – really pretty image…

    12.06.05 at 22.26

    • thank you very much, glad you liked

      12.06.05 at 22.38

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