The kiss

we stood there on a late night tube, as it rattled its way between camden town and euston, and kissed. it was one of the best kisses i ever had. it was gentle but passionate, not deep and tonguey but full and sweet.

we had met just five minutes earlier. we had been sat opposite each other. we were both a little drunk and we were both reading the same book, hesse’s narziss and goldmund. its a book i read over. its about two men, narziss and goldmund. narziss is a scholar and lives in a monastery all his life. his friend, goldmund, is an adventurer who escapes from the monastery and fucks and fights his way across mediaeval europe. he breaks a lot of hearts and gets his broken a lot too, he falls in love with every woman he ever fucks. he becomes a sculptor and survives wars and plagues. he is not really a good man but he is a man to his core.

she got off at king’s cross and i never saw her again.

14 responses

  1. not a beginning, not an ending, a moment in time to carry with you. a purely human touch moment. very sweet

    12.07.17 at 09.26

    • thanks rhonda, tat’s exactly what it was

      12.07.17 at 10.10

      • and that’s exactly how you described it. 🙂

        12.07.17 at 10.17

  2. a very sweet, secret moment. Glad you shared it.

    12.07.15 at 13.47

    • glad you liked it

      12.07.15 at 14.00

  3. You could have gotten her number.

    12.07.15 at 12.03

    • or i could have just enjoyed the fleeting moment of pleasure as we met and parted
      also, i was married at the time 😉

      12.07.15 at 12.10

  4. Nothing like this ever happened to me on the Northern Line. I feel cheated.

    12.07.15 at 11.53

    • i know, normally that’s what the central line is for, or the hammersmith and city, if you’re feeling kinky

      12.07.15 at 12.09

  5. The brief, intense encounters we never forget – they make life sweeter, somehow. What a lovely memory to share.

    12.07.15 at 11.10

    • thanks, that was what i was hoping to do

      12.07.15 at 11.11

  6. I can envision the amazing handshake you two would have exchanged if you had been reading 50 Shades…

    12.07.15 at 09.04

    • now that would be something – this happened a long time ago though

      12.07.15 at 09.07

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