This is what i love about the internet

Just had to blog about this wonderful site a friend shared with me today. This sweet and simple little idea really cheered me up at a time when I really needed it.

I think most people probably know it and, as usual, I am probably the last human on the planet to have discovered it. Sure, it is puerile and pointless and does nothing. Maybe it even makes light of some peoples’ real problems but I kept on clicking on it and I swear it made me feel better.

However, another friend pointed out that the idea is messing with the observer paradox, which when you think about it, it kinda does.

Maybe this site is fucking with the fabric of the universe itself.

Maybe I give a shit?

Try it and tell me it don’t work…

thanks for reading, whoever you are

7 responses

  1. or something so incomprehensibly stupid that all your minds have been erased and are now no more alive than the last time you jacked off or did anything else ego related

    12.06.18 at 21.49

    • a very good point – if i weren’t so busy jacking off, i’d offer a longer answer

      12.06.19 at 06.03

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  3. what a great idea… feel better already…

    12.05.29 at 21.04

    • it really works, doesn’t it?

      12.05.29 at 21.07

  4. Michelle

    And everything was okay, eventually. Maybe it was that button after all.

    11.11.20 at 05.49

    • that, or a force even greater than that of buttons

      11.11.23 at 13.09

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