we cried tears of words
on the day we had to say goodbye,
it wasn’t like you were dead
and you were always
ten thousand miles away.

we tried to 🙂 and lol
on the day we had to say goodbye,
poured out our tears of letters,
words and emoticons
and our love just scrolled away.

you’re still there on my sidebar
since the day we had to say goodbye.
i left an x
at the bottom of our thread,
that will never go away.

19 responses

  1. randalldeanscott

    Love this line, man.

    “and our love just scrolled away.”

    12.05.28 at 16.37

    • thanks buddy – its how it felt

      12.05.28 at 16.38

  2. wow~!excellent imagination^_^

    12.05.21 at 14.53

  3. We will pray she is back soon 😉

    12.05.21 at 07.59

  4. Kyle, no one cut off my internet. That was a joke….you don’t have to laugh.

    Cold Computer Kiss,

    12.05.20 at 15.27

    • oh dawn, i hope no one ever cuts off your internet
      hot digital kiss
      ~ k )

      12.05.20 at 15.29

  5. Wish I had an x to see.

    12.05.20 at 13.41

  6. Wow Kyle. Thanks for writing this. It hits me right in the heart….

    12.05.20 at 12.41

    • glad to hear that renee – it was a sad day

      12.05.20 at 12.48

      • It hasn’t happened for me yet. But I’m sure it will. Just the thought of it makes me sad…

        12.05.20 at 12.51

        • she was an ex but we’d stayed very close friends – she had her internet cut off – now we write letters but its not the same – i sent one this morning that just said “kyle poked you” x

          12.05.20 at 12.54

          • Awww/ There’s something so gratifying about instantaneous contact that a letter just doesn’t quite convey. Keep writing to her….

            12.05.20 at 12.59

  7. Reminds Me Of The Bulk Of My Relationships, Kyle.
    Ya Know, Since 80% Of Them Have Been Of The Distance-Type.
    That, And The Fact They’ve Mainly Included The Internet As A Means Of Keeping-Up With One Another.
    Nifty Post, Sir. Nifty Indeed. 😉

    12.05.20 at 11.27

    • she lost her internet connection – now we communicate through something called ‘letters’

      12.05.20 at 12.47

      • Letters?
        What Is This, The Dark Ages???
        Actually, While In The Navy, The Bulk Of My Outside Communications Happened Through Letters.
        I Tried To Keep The Bulk Of Them.
        At Least, Those That Made The Most Impact… Good OR Bad.

        12.05.20 at 12.51

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