Point five

Drinking cups of tea,
We sat on my mate’s steps,
Watching the girls stroll by,
And smoking funny cigarettes.

I fell in love
eight-point-five times.
“Point-five?” you ask.
“Yeah, I only saw her from behind.”

13 responses

  1. Me thinks you fall in love too quickly 😉

    Just saying… 🙂

    12.05.21 at 22.59

    • i do
      its true
      and now
      i’m in love
      with you

      12.05.21 at 23.08

  2. milfee

    men have that same issue with me, i walk by, they fall in love 1.5 times. the.5 is about my ass. little waist….bootylicious…

    12.05.21 at 21.02

    • i’m in love 1.7 times already

      12.05.21 at 21.02

      • milfee

        thats quite the compliment;)

        12.05.21 at 21.04

  3. 😀 Made me smile.

    12.05.21 at 20.05

    • good, that was the point 😀

      12.05.21 at 20.06

  4. TheOthers1

    Lol. But shouldn’t a great behind garner a full point? I think so!

    12.05.21 at 19.57

    • point? i’m talking about falling in love 😉

      12.05.21 at 19.58

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