Six score hours

In six score hours
we will finally kiss
for the very,
very first time.
Our mouths,
and flesh
will eventually meet,
although our hearts
entwined long since,

with magical words
that flew through space;
love at the speed
of light.
My soul gets erect
every time
that i think
we will kiss,
in six score hours

47 responses

  1. 6 score hours is ages!

    12.11.16 at 06.24

    • it is and it was but now she’s gone it seems like a very short time

      12.11.16 at 06.33

  2. unfetteredbs

    (damn kyle I should have added you to my post today… )

    12.10.21 at 06.36

    • 🙂

      12.10.21 at 06.39

      • unfetteredbs

        ( but I want to keep your dirty ways to myself haaa)

        12.10.21 at 06.51

        • you do that 🙂 thanks

          12.10.21 at 06.53

  3. Yay for you!!! xx Hy

    12.10.20 at 19.46

  4. gemini

    wonderful! enjoy!

    12.10.20 at 17.09

    • thank you – we will

      12.10.21 at 06.28

  5. eroticstorytime

    The very best of luck Kyle.

    12.10.20 at 04.47

  6. Beautiful… Just as beautiful as you both are… ❤

    12.10.20 at 03.21

    • you say the sweetest things princess

      12.10.20 at 06.31

    • Thanks A, it’s always nice to hear such things. ♥

      12.10.20 at 11.13

  7. This reminds me of the time I dated someone I met online… 1600 miles from me. The first meeting is so romantic.

    12.10.19 at 14.38

  8. So incredibly happy for you both. ❤

    12.10.19 at 13.54

    • thank you renee ♥

      12.10.19 at 13.55

      • Ah love is a wonderful thing. It’s all around us isn’t it?

        12.10.19 at 14.19

  9. This is so romantic Kyle! I’ve learned of Rhonda and her blogs because of you! She looks like a wonderful person!

    Happy for the both of you!!!!

    12.10.19 at 08.11

    • it is and she is and thank you!!!

      12.10.19 at 08.30

    • it is and he is and i thank you also agatha-luise. nice to meet you btw 🙂

      12.10.19 at 10.29

  10. Greetings from India Kyle!


    12.10.19 at 00.29

  11. Kyle (and Rhonda) this is unbelievably wonderful–I honestly don’t know how either of you are going to get through these next hours. Beautiful poem,Kyle. Beautiful poem, SFAM.

    12.10.18 at 21.15

    • thank you susan – yes its unbelievably exciting

      12.10.19 at 06.16

    • thanks sfam, it’s pretty wonderful.

      12.10.19 at 10.31

  12. Goodness, what is going through your head? Where’s the deep belly laughs in this? But I like this better. I really do think you’re a superhero, Kyle. And a poet.

    12.10.18 at 20.57

    • this one deserved a change of pace – thanks trent 🙂

      12.10.19 at 06.14

      • I was quite caught off guard, in a good good way. Very very happy for the both of you.

        12.10.19 at 06.34

        • cheers mate

          12.10.19 at 06.34

        • thanks canada. surprise! lol

          12.10.19 at 10.31

          • I LOVE surprises. Especially ones this cool. Awesome, just awesome.

            12.10.19 at 12.47

  13. this is beautiful mew…and this is for you

    the time clock runs down the hours
    so they don’t have to
    they’ve no time for chasing time
    thet’ve only time for making time

    this dream entered the book long ago
    its tear stained page worn thin
    the words no longer visible
    from fingers traveling the lines

    the book is now what hopes
    not she, not him
    the book now longs for the ink that gave it love
    not she, not him

    this dream book, once loved and despised
    now alone, in the dark, no longer needed
    her dreams no longer recorded
    they are lived

    the dream is real
    you are real
    we are real
    4 days 20 hours 55 minutes

    our last first kiss
    our first day awake

    12.10.18 at 19.44

    • that’s beautiful rhonda woman – thank you
      ♥ 4 days 10 hours ♥

      12.10.19 at 06.14

  14. This is soulfully romantic and hot.

    12.10.18 at 19.15

    • i knew you’d like it, thank you for saying so – i always know, when you comment that i’ve scored

      12.10.18 at 19.27

      • Aw sweetie. I’m glad you appreciate the feedback. I think you know what your doing babe.

        12.10.18 at 21.25

  15. & the count down starts for a hot post to come:)

    12.10.18 at 18.30

    • some things are too hot to ever post i’m afraid mira, even for me…

      12.10.18 at 19.25

  16. Be good to our girl, we love her! Wishing you both some well deserved happiness.

    12.10.18 at 17.02

    • i’ll be better than good to her hon and thank you

      12.10.18 at 19.22

    • thanks Mo, that’s our wish also. (she loves you guys too) 🙂

      12.10.19 at 10.33

  17. Nice one.

    So your soul was erect, huh. Nice wordplay… 😛

    No, I’m kidding. This is a nice one, RT’d it. 🙂

    12.10.18 at 16.55

    • thanks daan, appreciate it

      12.10.18 at 19.06

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