A spliff in the park

Its spring here today. Its warm again. I sat under a tree in the park and smoked a spliff. The tree was covered in a cloud of pink flowers that rained petals and I wondered if trees could be gay and concluded that this one probably was, at least during the spring. I told a  jogger that she had the most amazing pink shoelaces I had ever seen. I wanted to tell her how badly she needed to invest in a good sports bra, but I didn’t and I am as ashamed of not saying that as I am proud. I wondered if the fact that I find mixed-race couples really cute made me a racist and concluded that it probably did. I saw 47 cleavages. I watched a juggler that couldn’t juggle and a painter that couldn’t paint, a woman walked past me that had a butt so cute, that I wanted to both juggle with it and paint it. I checked my phone and found that God had accepted my friend request and was also following my blog. I shared a cup of tea with a woman who smelled of cider and an ice cream with a duck that kept giving me funny looks and tried to bite me when I got up to leave.

7 responses

  1. Gillian Colbert

    I think I need to smoke a spliff in the park myself … just have no idea where to get weed down here 😉

    12.03.25 at 03.03

  2. This made me laugh as my boss has bright pink laces on her trainers 😉

    I still have a hatred for the ducks. And now there are must strange ones appearing!

    12.03.24 at 21.33

    • ducks are very odd – at least, the one i met today was

      12.03.25 at 02.12

  3. Ducks always give me funny looks too. At times I think God is on the verge of defriending me…I’m happy when I read your blog.

    Dawn, Delta Dawn

    12.03.24 at 19.28

    • i am glad to know that it wasn’t just that duck then
      i think that the god on farcebook is an imposter
      i am happy when you read my blog


      12.03.24 at 20.14

  4. I felt like I was there too !

    12.03.24 at 18.45

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