Little fishy 1/2

We have worked together for a few months and we have both felt the attraction, seen how we look at each other, felt our gazes stroke each other’s souls, understood the growing connection. I want to taste your lips so badly, feel your gentle curves, press myself against you, into you. I feel like there is a rubber band being stretched ever tighter in my heart, like something is going to snap.

They send us together to this poky little seaside town on yet another pointless project. Our rooms in the bed and breakfast are adjacent and the walls are thin. I can hear you brushing your teeth, the tinkle of your peeing, your light snore, you sound like a kitten purring. I hope you can’t hear me masturbating, hope that I do not talk about you in my sleep.

There is nothing to do here of an evening and when the little pub shuts, we walk along the seafront talking, laughing, sharing our pasts, sometimes until it gets light. Tonight has been a night like that, and we sit on the beach, aimlessly flicking pebbles into the morning sea. I do that man thing and try to show off by showing you how I can skim little flat stones across  the surface, making them bounce and dance. You shake your head and smile, looking at me like I was some kind of idiot. The early sun tickles the tips of the waves, turning them into gold and gulls circle and cry overhead waiting for the returning fishing boats.

“Fancy a swim?” I grin. You look at me almost startled but smiling.
“We don’t have bathing suits.”
“So what? There’s no-one here but us.”
“You first, then.” you say, your smile growing a little wider. I strip, my back to you and hobble across the pebbles comically, hearing your laugh against the lapping of the waves. The water is not cold but chilly and I wade in up to my waist and turn round to face you.
“Come on in, its lovely.” I beam, only lying slightly.
“Turn round then.” you beam back . I turn and wait for you to undress, hear you feet on the pebbles, hear you enter the water, hear the splash of your naked body diving into the waves, and I watch excitedly as you emerge a few feet ahead of me, shaking the water from your hair and grinning wildly, the water level just above your nipples but with the gentle rise and fall of the waves tantalisingly exposing more of you. You enjoy the way my eyes probe you and and the water is clear enough for you to see my rising erection. “Ha ha!” you giggle, pointing, “I can see a little fishy.” I make a grab for you but you are fast and slip under the waves and dart away from me. We chase each other and play and try to duck each other’s heads under the water.

We come to rest by a breakwater and I push you gently back onto it and press myself against you. I can feel your softness, your panting breasts, I can feel your heart beat, feel how it races. You can feel what you are doing to me. “Not such a little fishy now?” I snigger and you shake your head again, but you smile and I kiss you, knowing with every fibre of my being that it is what you want.

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  2. Pingback: Little fishy 2/2 «

  3. redwheelbarrow1957

    Reblogged this on Redwheelbarrow1957's Blog and commented:
    Hard edged, cutting, terse, emotional, sexual, blunt.
    I love this guy.

    12.04.04 at 02.08

  4. …I just looked at your likes for this to make sure I had “liked” this, which I did, I already told you…look how many chicks you have liking you man! You have GROUPIES Kyle! Soon Kyle will be a household name and throngs of women will be tearing your clothes off in the street when you just wanted to go buy smokes. Are you ready for this???

    How are your equestrian skills coming along? You may need a place to hide when you are tired of being sexually assaulted!

    Grosses bises baveuses,

    12.04.03 at 05.58

    • i’m sure the ladies that liked this post would never behave in such a way – i am sure its only you who thinks like that *winks*
      bavant des baisers à vous aussi, un peu partou
      ~ k )

      12.04.03 at 10.48

      • en français on dit, “dans partout, il y a trous de cul” ce qui n’est pas très élégant, but I thought it would make you laugh. I just sent you a friend request on FB and then I thought, “Wait, then I won’t be very anonymous anymore. Oh well, c’est la vie. Just say no Kyle!

        12.04.03 at 11.00

        • and it did make me laugh and it is very true
          i saw the friend request before i saw this haha – i guess you could unfriend me but that would break my heart and anyway how can i ever rescue you from the evil baron if i do not know where to find you.
          ~ k )

          12.04.03 at 13.56

  5. Priscilla

    love it. thank you.

    12.04.03 at 05.18

    • thank you for reading – glad it went down well

      12.04.03 at 10.49

  6. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

    much calmer than I expected LOls…
    but I think it will grow into much more?
    enjoyed it….
    feel free to continue!
    you know its already written in your head LOLs


    12.04.03 at 01.15

  7. I thought it was nice, sex bit or no sex bit

    12.04.03 at 00.28

    • what a beautiful thing to say – thank you – you are truly adorable

      12.04.03 at 10.50

  8. Ohhhh, is there a sequel in the works? I mean, not that I don’t love the sweetness of this piece, but…

    12.04.03 at 00.16

    • I’m with Robin. I’m waiting for Little Fishy 2 cuz now I’m all wound up…

      Beautiful as always Kyle.

      12.04.03 at 05.50

    • yes there is a sequel coming (pun intended) – thanks sugar

      12.04.03 at 10.51

  9. Tantalizing!

    12.04.03 at 00.09

  10. Aww. I loved it. I’ve always had a thing for water.

    12.04.02 at 23.18

  11. TheOthers1

    I always enjoy a sweet piece. It made me smile to read this. (Bring on the steamier bit please. Curiosity is demanding to know how it would go.)

    12.04.02 at 22.53

    • delighted to make you smile – fear not, your curiosity will be sated soon enough

      12.04.02 at 23.24

  12. Awww what a lovely story

    12.04.02 at 21.57

    • thanks – i set out to write a steamy sex piece but ended up feeling all romantic
      maybe i’ll do a hot, sex on the beach, sequel, eh?

      12.04.02 at 22.06

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