Sweeter than Ben and Jerry

vi·brant /ˈvībrənt/

1. Full of energy and enthusiasm.
2. Quivering; pulsating: “She was vibrant with lust”.
3. Pulsing or throbbing with energy or activity
4. Vigorous, lively, and vital

I’ll be damned if this isn’t the sexiest video I’ve ever seen. Now, I don’t mean sexy, as in it gives me a hard-on (although it always seems to coax a semi out of me), I mean sexy as in how it has my jaw dropping and my tongue lolling out.

I know it might not be politically correct, that its just a lot of bare female flesh being cavorted in front of the camera, that maybe it objectifies women, but I disagree with that, and I’ve never been one to give a flying fuck what the politically correct brigade think anyway. I just think this gorgeous video celebrates womanhood.

Let’s face it, we all know, that in our species, women are the sexy ones. Men know it and women know it. You know it and I know it. In a lot of other species it is different, Peacocks are sexier than Peahens for example, and with lots of other animals, its the male that does most of the sexual flaunting. Just not so with us, and I celebrate and adore that fact. Look at the women in this video, they are enjoying being sexy, half of them can’t stop smiling, and they all look like they understand the power that their beauty holds. Listen to the lyrics too, this is a love song and as good a celebration of femininity as I’ve ever heard.

I look on the rhythmic swaying of all that thigh and belly and cleavage, not so much with lust but, in the way I might gaze upon a beautiful sunset or waterfall: with awe, as I behold one of nature’s most beautiful works.

And let’s face it, he’s pretty hot too.

19 responses

  1. Think I’m putting that on my playlist for running…and all men should have an appreciation for a woman who can sway dat ass…just like that!

    12.04.30 at 02.11

    • its on my playlist and yeah, your right

      12.04.30 at 10.23

  2. I’m always the dissenting voice when it comes to male v female sexiness. I think men are incredibly sexy, what with their broad shoulders, smoulder strength, coarse smattering of hair. I lay with both sexes and each undo me in different ways, but men, I must say, are beautiful, beautiful creatures.

    12.04.29 at 01.07

    • that’s really good to hear, i guess i was coming from a particular pov but i get where you are coming from. i’m not impartial to the occasional cock but i always think women are just, well, sexier than men, but that’s some old straight guy talking i guess – thanks for your comment tho, nice point

      12.04.29 at 01.20

  3. I’m always really happy to be a girl…I think I would have hated testicles, hair on my chest. It’s fun being a girl My Kyle!


    12.04.28 at 22.07

    • hair on your chest and testicles really wouldn’t suit you my dawn

      12.04.28 at 22.53

  4. gypsy116

    Thats one of the reasons I wouldnt trade being a woman, I like being sexy and women are just that. My personal opinion, men can be sexy because of their personality alone, but physically, not really. Beautifully written 🙂

    12.04.28 at 21.09

    • thanks, that’s just the point i was trying to get across

      12.04.28 at 21.22

      • gypsy116


        12.04.28 at 21.25

  5. hmm…wonder what made you think to post this

    12.04.28 at 21.01

    • hmmm… i wish i could remember. someone cool i know was listening to it the other day, i think

      12.04.28 at 21.03

      • songs like a hip lady. or gentleman.

        12.04.28 at 21.05

  6. Cool tune and video!

    12.04.28 at 19.33

  7. afterhours78

    Any post with Q-tip in it is a good post Kyle!

    12.04.28 at 17.21

    • you can’t really go wrong with mr tip, eh?

      12.04.28 at 17.37

      • afterhours78

        No sir…I saw tribe in this little hole in the wall bar back in the early 90’s, tip was amazing

        12.04.28 at 17.42

        • no shit! v jealous. we got this grime thing going on in the uk and lethal bizzle was just round the corner from me – knew the cunt as a kid lol

          12.04.28 at 17.45

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