I am

i am deeply superficial
i get low when i am high
i am a devout atheist
and i giggle when i cry

i am a cowardly warrior
i feel caged in when i fly
i am a gentle hooligan
and i will live after i die

i am pretty ugly
i am honestly quite sly
i’m obesely  skinny
and i wish that i knew why

13 responses

  1. …a gentle danger, the kind of man i like best. i enjoy your work and getting to know your virtuality.

    12.06.05 at 03.44

    • thank you so much – that touches me

      12.06.05 at 10.20

  2. Oh Kyle. You are a good one, aren’t you?

    12.05.28 at 04.47

    • i dunno about that but i’m delighted you think so x

      12.05.28 at 10.24

  3. Yum yum this was a good meal. Thanks for elegantly leaving out the snails 😉

    12.05.27 at 15.18

    • i’m hope you are amply sated – the next course will be along soon

      12.05.28 at 10.23

  4. Just the way you are….

    12.05.27 at 15.07

  5. You are perfect 🙂

    12.05.27 at 15.05

    • perfectly flawed maybe – thank you rhonda

      12.05.27 at 15.06

      • I’m perfectly imperfect and perfectly happy being that way …how about you?

        12.05.27 at 15.14

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