A lover of noetry

he was known for his noetry
and his uncanny ability
to find words that didn’t rhyme
quite exactly

he said that noetry
was nothing like chemistry
where things have to rhyme
most precisely

he was a lover of noetry
and also notography
where finding words that rhyme
wasn’t important

he would write his noetry
while seated on the lavatory
and sometimes he didn’t even
finish them properly

more nifty noetry

9 responses

  1. Rhyming or not, finishing or not, you are a great noet. 🙂

    12.06.25 at 03.01

    • thank you so much

      12.06.25 at 05.33

  2. TheOthers1

    This was a delightful noem. 🙂

    12.06.24 at 11.58

    • and that was a delightful comment 😆

      12.06.24 at 11.59

  3. love it! nuff said.

    12.06.24 at 09.52

    • thank you 😆

      12.06.24 at 09.56

  4. OMG I can just imagine it. You tickle me.

    12.06.24 at 09.49

    • if it makes you giggle, how could i not?

      12.06.24 at 09.55

  5. This is exactly the reason why I’m a noet.

    12.06.24 at 09.10

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