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  1. Reblogged this on Infernal Deity of a Psychotic Mind and commented:
    This was funny as fuck (no pun) what kind of phone do you have? Reason for asking is cose by it’s size I can tell how truly gifted you must have been at what you did…

    12.08.10 at 01.04

  2. This was funny as fuck (no pun) what kind of phone do you have? Reason for asking is cose by it’s size I can tell how truly gifted you must have been at what you did…

    12.08.10 at 01.03

    • i think the real gift lies in how many times she hit that redial button πŸ˜‰ thanks

      12.08.10 at 04.47

  3. Does Gran read your blog? LOL!!! I’ll bet she won’t after this one…. πŸ™‚

    12.07.26 at 06.34

    • if i ever start posting knitting patterns, you’ll know she’s started reading πŸ˜‰

      12.07.26 at 06.56

      • lol….Good to know. In a sick way, I hope to see a knitting pattern one day! I laugh until I pee myself!!

        12.07.26 at 07.30

        • you are beautifully sick my love, and i love it πŸ˜†

          12.07.26 at 08.07

  4. ::laughing helplessly::

    Oh, that is just so wrong. If your gran only knew!!


    12.07.24 at 16.16

    • she left a voicemail
      “if you don’t answer the phone young man, i’m going to come round there and shove it up your arse!”

      12.07.24 at 16.20

      • Bwahahahahahaha!!!

        Did you call her back and tell her “not necessary”?

        12.07.24 at 16.22

      • PAZ

        ha! You’re too much.

        12.07.25 at 08.48

        • hey and sorry i missed your fb msg – do get back

          12.07.25 at 09.49

          • PAZ

            It’s ok. I didn’t have internet back until Tuesday night anyway. I’ll get back. Though I admit, I’m on here more than I am on my personal FB. Hardly sign on there. Glad I caught ya though. πŸ™‚

            12.07.26 at 06.09

            • me too πŸ˜†
              i spend more time here than there too

              12.07.26 at 07.03

  5. Not that I would ever use it, but there is actually an app that has different speeds of vibrate for lady parts. I suggest to the ladies that they just get a vibrator…..and I wouldn’t be surprised if you made the app yourself πŸ˜‰

    12.07.23 at 18.18

    • haha – i wish i’d thought of it

      12.07.23 at 18.32

    • Erm….and where would one find such an app? Purely out of intellectual curiosity, of course. πŸ˜‰

      12.07.24 at 16.23

      • android market is where I found it and downloaded it, for the sake of curiosity. I assume iphone has it too!

        12.07.24 at 19.51

  6. you sure you only got 75?
    that’s 70 from her….
    5 from gran…
    well shit, who did i call? must have been some other ass.

    12.07.23 at 15.31

    • well, i’ll just have to make sure that you have my right number – give me a little warning before you call and if i don’t answer the first time, keep trying. all night if you have to.

      12.07.23 at 15.41

  7. ROFL! superb mate…

    12.07.23 at 14.25

  8. I thought that was our special trick… oh well. I did come up with a new phone design. I just really can’t see everyone walking around with tube phones though.

    12.07.23 at 13.51

    • thanks for the idea jayne – you have my number, call me anytime

      12.07.23 at 14.11

      • You’re just forcing me to come up with another special trick for you. : ) thinking……………………

        12.07.23 at 14.17

        • ooooh – can’t wait

          12.07.23 at 14.18

  9. Baaaaa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

    My Monday morning was kinda…bleh…until I read this, lol.

    Thanks for the much-needed laugh!

    12.07.23 at 13.48

    • so happy that i was able to brighten your monday

      12.07.23 at 14.10

  10. Excellent! I giggled like a fool πŸ™‚

    12.07.23 at 12.33

    • thank you, glad you did πŸ˜€

      12.07.23 at 13.04

  11. God you’re funny.

    12.07.23 at 11.35

    • why, thank you.

      12.07.23 at 11.41

  12. NormalDeviations

    Ok, that was fuckin funny – perfect for a Monday

    12.07.23 at 10.11

    • glad you enjoyed it

      12.07.23 at 10.14

  13. So that’s why I can’t get ahold of you! Now wonder why!

    Bisous Vibrant,

    12.07.23 at 09.42

  14. kinkydesoto


    12.07.23 at 07.23

    • thank you kinky

      12.07.23 at 09.47

  15. workspousestory

    Made my day πŸ˜‰ needed that!

    12.07.23 at 07.19

    • good – made my day too

      12.07.23 at 07.21

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