In 1920 Albert Einstein undertook a lengthy lecture tour of the United States to explain his new theory of relativity. The tour was so long that, towards the end, his driver mentioned that he had heard the lecture so many times that he could probably deliver it himself. Einstein suggested that he have a go, and the following night they traded places and the great man sat in the audience with his driver’s cap on, while the driver delivered the speech – with word-perfect accuracy.

Once the lecture came to an end, the Q and A started and a student in the front row threw up his hand and asked a complicated question about the mathematical structure of the space-time continuum. Without a moments hesitation, the driver pointed out Einstein in the crowd, still wearing the driver’s hat, and said “That question is so easy, that even my driver knows the answer.”

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  1. gemini

    Cool dude that driver! Thanks for reading my poetry Kyle 🙂

    12.12.12 at 11.22

    • thanks for writing it 😆

      12.12.12 at 11.56

  2. unfetteredbs

    good one.. and thanks for always stopping in at my place Kyle 🙂

    12.12.10 at 13.38

    • the pleasure is all mine 😀

      12.12.10 at 13.39

  3. That’s awesome!

    12.12.06 at 15.23

    • thank you so much 🙂

      12.12.06 at 17.34

  4. :)….Smart

    Peace & Light

    12.12.02 at 13.06

    • thanks mira
      you too

      12.12.03 at 08.28

    • aw thank you 🙂

      12.11.28 at 10.04

  5. It’s so simple and that’s why it’s excellent. Thanks so much for sharing this, and if it’s a true fact, even more thanks form me to you. Luc

    12.11.24 at 23.47

    • thanks luc – sadly its not true but it should be

      12.11.25 at 06.08

      • Well, I thought it was, either way would have been a great joke to use at the expense of those know it all wannabes 😛

        12.11.25 at 21.18

      • I looked for you by the melons!

        12.11.27 at 14.34

  6. ha ha, brilliant – going to use it in future.

    12.11.24 at 14.18

  7. So glad to see a post from you luv!!!! And a darn funny one to boot!

    12.11.22 at 22.57

    • aw thanks hon 🙂

      12.11.23 at 07.41

  8. TemptingSweets99

    Ha ha! 😀

    12.11.22 at 17.40

  9. Be awesome if stories like this were true. Even if not, great for a laugh.

    12.11.21 at 20.17

    • it would, wouldn’t it? 🙂

      12.11.22 at 05.43

  10. I needed a good laugh after a hard day in the office and you certainly provided it, cheers!

    12.11.21 at 16.01

    • that was always my goal – you’re welcome

      12.11.21 at 16.18

  11. Good one, Kyle. 🙂

    12.11.21 at 15.57

    • thank you la la 😀

      12.11.21 at 16.18

  12. Hilarious! You’re posts always give me a good laugh.

    12.11.21 at 13.05

  13. Fantastic–whether true or not!

    12.11.21 at 12.40

  14. Love it 🙂

    12.11.21 at 12.38

  15. That story is great Kyle.

    12.11.21 at 11.21

    • aw thanks becca – its an old one and probably not true lol

      12.11.21 at 11.24

      • Even if it isn’t, it’s still clever.

        12.11.21 at 11.27

        • thank you 🙂

          12.11.21 at 11.28

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