tie me up
and use me,
abuse me, please.
find my edge
and then find yours.
take us both beyond
what we know,
beyond what
we ever should.
make we wait,
make me beg,
make me cry
but most
make yourself wet
with my pain.
ask me
what things
disgust me the most
and make
me do them
for you.
do all these things,
do more,
if you will.
do more than
you thought you could,
but do it
just one thing;
i will do it to you.

7 responses

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  2. Yeehaw!

    13.08.08 at 10.44

  3. The ending is just perfect…

    13.08.08 at 10.30

    • i hoped so – thank you

      13.08.08 at 18.15

  4. I can’t wait for tomorrow…

    13.08.08 at 10.18

    • i’m still enjoying today

      13.08.08 at 18.16

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